Tuesday, July 10, 2012

...earthwatch . org - environment activists !




George Thomson

10:23 AM on 7/10/2012

Earthwatch.org works on protecting the environment. It is proof that humans activity in devastating forests, jungles, for money and needs, is wrongly believed and permitted, over "surviving" of the Planet our only home ! ABSURD ! And Governments are the only ones to blame !

...simply World governments believe there in no end road to Environment destruction...! or that what is being destroyed, can be salvaged or technology can replace or fix up !

...ADDITIONALLY, no religion that believes in all the Bible, and Jesus fighting a WAR battle, in Revelations directly with World Governments, and this Earth being all burned and a New Earth, BELIEVE IN DOING MUCH for this Earth and World: essentially proof of their enormous bogus intentions, of benifit !