Sunday, July 15, 2012

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Precariousness without prevarication
Posted on July 14, 2012 by Juan Cristóbal Nagel

“The thing about life in Venezuela,” Katy said to me one evening, “is that everything is so …  precarious.”

It took me a while to digest what she meant exactly.

I was telling Katy the stories from my latest trip back home – family problems, issues without solution, how upside-down everything seems.

My wife, as you know, is not Venezuelan, so I always pay attention to how she sees my country – through her own eyes. comments add on a few more words by "P"...!

George Frederick Thomson Broadhead says:

Precariousness ! Prevarication ! Perjury ! Putrid ! Perverse ! Puritan ! Proletariate ! Poordom ! Pityfull ! Peevish ! PUTATIVE – parrot !
Catholic Countries suck ! And it wont be long English protestant countries will “suck” worse ! They are all under a universal “similar obscurantist ‘drug’ – ‘systemic’ ” influence !

...come [ comee - eat - tea - manna fron heaven ] to canada and you will learn what "private style" living is, and what it is to be "CANNED UP" in a modern dictatorship style cuba ! NO NEED TO VOTE, OR VERY FEW DO ! FOOD, SOME WORK, CLOTHING , BUS, AND "SHUT-UP"...! WE WILL GIVE YOU A LOT OF THINGS , AS LONG AS YOU SELL "YOUR SOUL"...!