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Caroline Thomson: Profit will never be put before programme integrity
Caroline Thomson | 09:45 UK time, Friday, 29 June 2012

There have been some stories in the papers in the last few days that have suggested that the BBC is embarking on a new strategy in which we are asking programme makers to 'commercialise' some of our news and current affairs programming with a view to making money.

It has been said that staff are being asked to exploit commercial opportunities at the expense of focussing on the programmes themselves. Questions are being raised about whether profit is being put before programme integrity. Surely, the critics say, that's not what the BBC and its staff are there to do? The answer to this is of course an emphatic no.

The BBC exists, as it always has, to make programmes that audiences love - "to inform, educate, entertain and make a profit" is certainly not the new mantra for all our programme makers.

I always love any "crisp" up-todate news of BBC, especially if it has to do, with Dawkins, Darwin, Anglicans, Landlords, peasants, or the Queen E2 and Parliament ...! IT IS FASCINATING ! As to the latest stories of Venezuela or Vancouver , Canada, you seem to not be quite involved, or much interested in the specifics of "strange" happenings !

I always miss the OLD BBC Radio World news via short wave ! I DO NOT HAVE ANY NORTH AMERICAN short wave much programming coverage at all ! WHEN A SATELLITE IS DOWN OR ALL, I WONDER IF THEY WILL DECIDE TO USE RADIO'S AGAIN ?!