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The kindle file so far has the original justified margins ! I will soon upload the file flushed to the left margin with no carriage returns !

But for know you can read it and or speech hear it, just as easy as is ! ZOOM OUT and the looks are not that bad, and the margins are less off ! Making it easier to read ! [I WOULD NOT WANT IT TO LOOK TOO NICE, FOR YOU TO take pictures of !]

BOOK 1 of Pure Logic 3rd edition Paper Back soon on Amazon North America, and Europe for 25 $ ! 

The hard back edition is the final edition of glory...!


Thursday, July 26, 2012 you comodo . com dragon or COMODO FIREWALL ?


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Monday, July 23, 2012

La gran inmadurez que puso a Chávez en el poder | [ the great immaturity that put chavez in power !]

La gran inmadurez que puso a Chávez en el poder |
 the great immaturity that put chavez in power !

[["...En esto se afinca la guerra sicológica, no sólo se trata de neutralizar a los oponentes o al enemigo como se piensa, sino incluso, a los mismos partidarios. Y si en algo es bueno el régimen de Hugo Chávez es en eso, en guerra psicológica. Tan bueno es, que primero, con la persuasión, se permite ante quienes le siguen justificar su desastre, y segundo, con la intimidación, someter al adversario, para ello se vale de la amenaza o la persecución (incluye las leyes hechas a su medida). ..."]]

...martha colmenares gives a correct general view of chavez and venezuela...! the few or more poor that have benefited and the new rich or not so rich governing class: chavez is a must !

...the real immaturity that put chavez in power more than two times, including one failed coup against chavez, IS THE IGNORED NUMEROUS POOR...!

...I QUESTIONED A FEW POOR, AND THEY ALL SAID, regardless of being told to be aware of Cuba and Chavez, that they would bet on Chavez: "FOR THE BETTER OR THE WORST"...! AS THEY WANTED SOMETHING DIFFERENT TO HAPPEN...!

WELL IT HAS HAPPENED, BELIEVE OR NOT ! AND AT 14 YEARS of Chavez, we have a divided Country, that has all its Military cleaned out of many Chavez opposers, that have slowly shown their faces, as the regime has advanced in time !


I doubt that the opposition will ever be back beyond playing in with Chavez ! The indoctrination is done in Schools also ! Anyway, what the opposition never did, how can they claim they will do know ! THAT IS BE BETTER THAN CHAVEZ ! Other than a freer economy ! A freer humans rights and televisions and newspapers as to critics ! Even Great Britain had their properties and big farm taken from them, other than the Embassy !

Essentially Chavez has been too repressive and communist, as to private enterprise, private property of overseas countries, work for so many now that do not work, many that have suffered economic loss, and a false bettering of the government health system over the private one...!

Chavez is bogus in reality and dangerous, as to how he has done things even to his close followers, even though on paper it may not seem so...!

...what are the oposition going to do now after 14 years ? return all properties taken by chavez ? etc...! etc...!

...the problem further is : 'the' "immaturity" has increased !!!


...mars rovers again !

 true modelling of mars rovers : around the moon first and back to earth...!

[["...On 6 August, the largest rover ever sent to Mars should touchdown on the planet’s surface. For the landing, the mission uses a complex – and untried – “sky crane”. Our space columnist finds out how it’s going to work. (Video of landing courtesy of Nasa).

If you’re contemplating a mission to Mars, Nasa’s Chronology of Mars Exploration makes depressing reading. For every successful Russian Mars 3 or American Viking 1, there’s a failed Beagle 2 (UK) or Mars Polar Lander (US). In fact only of the 42 missions listed, only 17 have been successful. The odds, over the past half-century, of a Mars mission succeeding are around 40%.

To be fair, several early missions didn’t even make it off the launch pad and the chances of success have improved considerably over the decades. But you don’t have to go back far to see failure. Only last year, Russia’s Phobos-Grunt mission to the Martian moon Phobos failed to make it out of Earth orbit (well, it did eventually when it burned up on re-entry). Perhaps the most infamous though is Nasa’s 1999 Mars Climate Orbiter, where a mix-up between imperial and metric measurements sent the spacecraft careering into the Martian atmosphere to be destroyed.

On 6 August (GMT) 2012 Nasa will try again with what is almost certainly the most ambitious and exciting Mars mission ever launched. The Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) with the Curiosity rover is designed to investigate whether the planet ever had the conditions to support life..."]]

... there is always a but, and sometimes a very big one...! and i was just thinking about it barely today...!

...I AM A GREAT BELIEVER IN MANY THINGS, and I like believing in myself, as most everybody else does...!

And there you have it:

[1] I want to believe in the technological capacity of the USA, and I want to believe in Science in general, but when they do not do things as you would most obviously do them, it makes you wonder if they are that intelligent after all...!

[2] Why is there the need of any conspiracy ? There is nothing to hide in technology persee ! The rover was in plain "d-a-y-s-i-g-h-t" being tried on dessert ground, etc...!

[3] SO THE 10_MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION IS: Why not do the Rover to Mars, first to go around the MOON and back to land on Earth in a certain location of trial and error ? Would this be not more convincing ? You cannot allege lack of funds ! Would there be electronic interferences and sabotage ?

[4] WHAT IS WORSE, do the Rover to the MOON again, and then convince me of going to MARS...!


...the mars rovers is not much better than saying: we have seen the video of the rover on mars and the return of jesus to mars on his way to earth but says he is stranded there...!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

...sundaysms for today !

A CHRISTIAN AND BIBLE FOLLOWERS Sundayism [sun-day: day of the god sun = domingo] !

...cielo = heaven...!

...eden the garden of "innocence"...!

 ..."hate speech" intent of criminalization against a religion in Canada, is the way you can keep such non-sense of religion with any "public relevance"...!

... "freedom of speech controls, are because THEY HAVE TO PROTECT SOMETHING that is wrong ! AND GENERALLY THOSE THAT ARE WRONG ARE THE MOST VEHEMENT ONES TO FEEL OFFENDED BY "FREEDOM OF SPEECH"...! And"  because they are wrong, the only thing they know is to become the "witch hunters and inquisitionists and draconians ! SOUNDS A BIT LIKE CANADA ! to me at least...!


A gate or two, or entrances...!
No wall to jump over...!
And blocked from entering by an "angel with a sword"...!
Nobody knows what was Eden really for, nor what happened to it later...!
Rivers flowing out of it, with no rain, and no way to get back into the garden except : "the gate"...!
No rain on Earth until years after, at Noah's alleged deluge ...!
And now we all die, who knows why, other than the correct reason...!


Only one way there ! And only one mediator !
While everybody else goes to eternal sufferings, worse than this life, for ever !
Like the maximum ultimatum I have ever heard of !

BUT HEAVEN IS HERE, WHICH THE BIBLE HAS made all believe to not be so, demonizing any intent of normal life and heaven on Earth...!

THE BIBLE IS a dangerous book of MAXIMUM ULTIMATUMS mentalities...!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

...the sad connection of canada with the venezuela of chavez ...!


[["... In most societies the issue of health brings to mind, in order of priorities:  (1), the health of the nation; (2), existing health policies and indices, and, (3), the health of one of its members.

In Venezuela this logical ranking of priorities is upside down. Preoccupation number one is the health of one person, Hugo Chavez. A distant number two has to do with health policies while number three, the health of the nation, is almost a non-issue, smothered under government cynical promises and handouts.

As a result the national debate is completely distorted. This must be considered a strategic triumph for Hugo Chavez. During the last years he has put Venezuelans to dance to his tunes. He controls national debate and everyone in the country hangs on his very word in order to react. Although the nature of public debate in strongly presidential countries has always had this bias, Hugo Chavez has been able to bring it to the extreme.

1.      Chavez’s health: is he ill or is he not?

For the last two years the attention of the Venezuelan public has been almost entirely focused on Chavez’s health. This has become a soap opera in the best of Latin American traditions. The country has witnessed Chavez’s tearful speeches pleading for a “few more years of life ”, a catholic extreme unction taking place, several instances of voodoo sorcery, many trips to Havana with a full entourage at the rate of some $300,000 per day, two reported surgeries and moments of euphoria in which he declares himself  “totally free of cancer”. This has been an emotional roller coaster which has already lasted two full years. It is a tribute to the political skills of Hugo Chavez and his Cuban advisers that the subject has been on page one for such a long time. Today, we still do not know what the truth is about Chavez’s health, a topic that would not really be very important if it was not due to the fact that he is, again, running for president.

This is an abominable crime
No matter whether Chavez really has cancer or that he has been lying to us all the time, he has committed and keeps committing an abominable crime. If he is truly ill he is being totally irresponsible, trying to become president for five more years, knowing that he will not be able to discharge his duties in the manner he should and that he could die at any moment. But if he has been deceiving the nation all along and his illnes is just a political stratagem he would be even more of a criminal. There is no worse crime than deceiving the country you pretend to lead. He should be severely punished for that.

2.      Health policies and indices in Venezuela

During the last 14 years Venezuelan health policies have been mostly focused on day to day primary medical attention to the poor in their neighborhoods, through a program called “Misión Barrio Adentro”. In this program small dispensaries mostly manned by Cuban medical or para-medical staff  have been installed in barrios all over the country in order to receive Venezuelans with health complaints

A recent report on Barrio Adentro, May 2012 ( ) by ACEPRENSA, describes the salient characteristics and evaluates the results of this program. It says that it consists of three stages: Barrio Adentro I is the entry stage, in the barrios, focused on primary attention and health promotion. Barrio Adentro II offers specialized services in pediatrics, gynecology, ambulatory surgery, X-rays and emergencies. Barrio Adentro III offers attention in “People’s Hospitals”, university hospitals and the Oncological National Center. However, the only functioning stage is the first one. I add that the hospitals, in particular, have been sorely neglected and patients have to bring their own medicines, bed sheets and food in order to receive attention.  The report adds that The Lancet published an evaluation of Barrio Adentro I in 2008 and reported that around one third of the modules were closed down due to lack of doctors. The report said that some 4000 Cuban doctors had been transferred to other countries, in particular Bolivia. Barrio Adentro II is less than 50 percent installed while only one new hospital has been built  under Chavez, the Latin American Cardiological Children’s Hospital. The Lancet report adds information that can be easily verified by all Venezuelans: primary attention in the barrios has absorbed most of the resources for the health program and truly structural health policies regarding medical attention in hospitals are absent. A patient in need of surgerycan wait for months for the procedure, only to find that, at the last moment, there is no available anesthesia.
Hospital in Caracas:  a page out of Dante's inferno

In parallel many diseases that had been under control for many years have reappeared in the country: malaria, yellow fever, tuberculosis, Chagas disease, leprosy and dengue.

The report adds that opposition leader Miguel Angel Rodriguez has recently denounced that 70 percent of Barrio Adentro I and II modules have been abandoned and that Barrio Adentro program  had led to the destruction of the Venezuelan hospital and ambulatory health center networks.  About 2000-3000 Cuban doctors have fled Venezuela to other countries, mostly via Colombia.
Central University hospital emergency room

What could have been a good initiative, if combined with an effective structural, long-term approach to health policies, has turned into a significant disaster for Venezuelan health efforts.

3.      The health of the Nation

Venezuelan society is gravely ill. The symptoms of its illness include a pathological indifference for its own history, loss of memory and the existence of two split personalities that are in constant struggle against each other. In an individual these characteristics would probably lead to a diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder. In a society they lead to anomy and progressive disintegration.  The Chavez years have created two Venezuela’s, strongly opposed to each other: one, made up of the poor Venezuelans who have been convinced by Chavez that they have been victimized by the rich; the other, the Venezuelan middle class, the well to do and many of the poor who are the victims of this inflammatory, Manichean Chavez’s rhetoric.

It is no exaggeration to say that Venezuela is a country highly deteriorated both materially and spiritually. Material deterioration will be easier to repair than the tragic damage done to the Venezuelan soul. The cordial, friendly Venezuelans that we knew for many years have given way to citizens who are aggressive, hostile, bitter, resented and afraid of each other. Obviously this deep wound on the Venezuelan soul will take a long time and the influence of true leadership to heal.
As in the case of many other Venezuelan issues such as food production, industrial activity, education and petroleum industry management, the priorities for health are upside down. It is only logical that what has been called a Revolution by its promoters has really been a tragic involution..."]]

...the sad story of the venezuela of chavez, spiritual and moral decadence, and involution, seems to be a similar one to canada ...!

...the exam results that you cannot have, from Surrey Hospital Canada Health, done on my heart [eco-sonogram], was the same as the dispensary of chavez in maracay, venezuela...! it showed at a "distance" a flapping open heart valve...!
Since then I have been able to solve my problems and meds with a family doctor !

...THIS CANADA-VENEZUELA OF CHAVEZ CONNECTION, demonstrates the sad similarities...!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

...adobe acrobat 6,400% zoom ! 1,200HQ laser print !

...adobe acrobat 6,400% zoom ! 1,200HQ laser print !

...venezuelanisms for today !

Chávez insulta a Panamá enviándole a este embajador

La cuestión de el MEOYO-MEOLLO y de el MENJUCHE es:
[The question of the MEOYO-MEOLLO and not the MENJUCHE is:]
(1) Va Chávez a dejar algunas gobernaciones y alcaldías a la opocición otra vez, como una forma de jugada política ?
[Will Chávez leave some Governors and Councils to the oposition again, as a political play ?]
(2) Qué irá a pasar si, la opocición pierde Gobernaciones, Alcaldías ?
[What will happen if, the oposition loses Governors and Councils ?]
(3) Si todos están mancomunados, no pasará nada, a menos que un grupo grande del pueblo despierte y se alce en revueltas !
[If all are complicit, nothing will happen, unless a big group of the population wakens and arises in revolts !]
(4) Si la opocición pierde las elecciones para Presidente, que van a hacer, si realmente son opocición ?
[If the oposition loses the elections for President, what are they going to do, if they are really oposition ?]
La única Alcaldesa que hizo algo significativo fué IRENE SÁEZ ! Las mujeres actuales en gobierno no son de ningún ejemplo !
[The only Council that did anything significant was the one of IRENE SÁEZ ! The actual women in government are not any example !]
Buena suerte Venezolanos ! Condenados a ustedes mismos !
Good luck poor Venezuelans ! Doomed to yourselves !

...which militaries are worse ? because usa militaries got to colombia ! but venezuelan militaries to paraguay, that is presence of shit and evil military !

COULD IT BE : WORLD "doomed" to yourselves !?

WHERE ARE MY followers or subscribers ? Anybody scared about associating with me ? Or nobody has any self respect and desire to stand for something worthwhile ?


Monday, July 16, 2012

...cuba help from the usa for the first time after 50 yrs...!

13 July 2012 Last updated at 15:57 ET
First Miami-Cuba cargo ship in 50 years reaches Havana

The first cargo ship to sail from Miami to Cuba in 50 years has arrived in Havana.

The ship was carrying humanitarian supplies such as food and medicine that are exempt from the US trade embargo against the communist-run island.

...did 50 yrs of embargo do anthing for the peple of cuba ? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !

...has fidel and now raul and chavez, really done much anything for cubans ? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !

...DOES ANY KIND OF REPRESSION do anything really for anybody, even Canada ? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !

...THEN WHAT DOES ?  A true pure logic Government well living, with education for all, and work, and activities !



Sunday, July 15, 2012 prophetico fully yet on syria...!

Red Cross declares Syria conflict a civil war
Al Jazeera 2012-07-16: The International Committee of the Red Cross has said it now considers the Syrian conflict a civil war, as activists reported intense battles between rebels and government forces in the capital, Damascus. The Geneva-based group's assessment could have implications for prosecutions for war crimes and means that international humanitarian law applies throughout the country. Also known as the rules of war, humanitarian law grants all parties in a conflict the right to use appropriate force to achieve their aims. "We are now talking about a non-international armed conflict in the country," ICRC spokesman... more » prophetico yet, to be fully completed ! though all know or are pretty sure Basaf al Assad "is toast"...!

...what is sad is his wife Asma and her three little children, who were offered safe entry to the UK, before blocking of all Bank accounts...! i am sure canada's family communist services knows what is better for them...!

..caracas [crackers-cracas-carcass-rackass-cara_sack...]...!

Precariousness without prevarication
Posted on July 14, 2012 by Juan Cristóbal Nagel

“The thing about life in Venezuela,” Katy said to me one evening, “is that everything is so …  precarious.”

It took me a while to digest what she meant exactly.

I was telling Katy the stories from my latest trip back home – family problems, issues without solution, how upside-down everything seems.

My wife, as you know, is not Venezuelan, so I always pay attention to how she sees my country – through her own eyes. comments add on a few more words by "P"...!

George Frederick Thomson Broadhead says:

Precariousness ! Prevarication ! Perjury ! Putrid ! Perverse ! Puritan ! Proletariate ! Poordom ! Pityfull ! Peevish ! PUTATIVE – parrot !
Catholic Countries suck ! And it wont be long English protestant countries will “suck” worse ! They are all under a universal “similar obscurantist ‘drug’ – ‘systemic’ ” influence !

...come [ comee - eat - tea - manna fron heaven ] to canada and you will learn what "private style" living is, and what it is to be "CANNED UP" in a modern dictatorship style cuba ! NO NEED TO VOTE, OR VERY FEW DO ! FOOD, SOME WORK, CLOTHING , BUS, AND "SHUT-UP"...! WE WILL GIVE YOU A LOT OF THINGS , AS LONG AS YOU SELL "YOUR SOUL"...!


Friday, July 13, 2012

...another venezuelanism...! 13 july 2012

"He who surrenders his intellect to that of other,
for ideology, creed, or belief sakes, [?]
commits the supreme act of denying his own self."

...This information is quite accurate ! The purpose of this blog of alek boyd could be questionable !

...i believe venezuela will be just fine without chavez ! once he goes beyond 13 years, he is declaring himself a "dictator"...!  and revolutionary groups will arise ! nooo ! no they have not in cuba or burma, etc !

...draconians for today...! it is "sticky"...!

13 July 2012 Last updated at 08:17 ET

Ethiopian blogger Eskinder Nega jailed for 18 years

"[[...A prominent Ethiopian journalist and blogger has been sentenced to 18 years in jail for violating the country's anti-terrorism legislation.

Eskinder Nega and 23 others were found guilty last month.

They were accused of links with US-based opposition group Ginbot Seven, which Ethiopia considers a terrorist organisation...]]"

...draconian mentalities, and freedom of speech controls, and with whom you even talk with, is what  we are slowly loosing, even in Canada: OUR FREEDOMS  !

..draconian "inquisitionary religious and non religious ones" never helped really to any progress to anything better. the proof is it produced deep "obscurantism"...! be detained out of the blue, with no citation of parties involved, to be submitted to psychological torture and humiliation, with RCMP police presence and involvement, with no minimal due course of events, and both parties involved solutions, goes beyond the alleged benefit ! YOU HAVE BEEN VIOLATED, AND DEGRADED FROM A SELF PERSONA ADULT !

...things that happen in Ethiopia, are "sticky", and Canada has freedom under anti-terrorism, to intrude in anybody's privacy, and Canada is going more and more draconian !

...are we still ancient ?


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

...what is freedom of speech and "hate speech"...!

Coyne: Why does Canada still have a hate speech law?

By Andrew Coyne, Postmedia News July 9, 2012
Read more:

all of this article
just in case Canada
and the RCMP forget !

Hardly was there time to celebrate the demise of Section 13, the infamous provision of the Canadian Human Rights Act prohibiting "communication of hate messages," before we were reminded this was not the only unwarranted restriction on freedom of speech on the books.

Section 319.2 of the Criminal Code, for example, forbidding the "wilful" promotion of hatred "against any identifiable group," is currently getting a workout in a Regina courtroom in the case of Terry Tremaine, a sometime math lecturer and avowed neo-Nazi. While Tremaine will have available to him the sorts of due process rights denied to those hauled before the human rights tribunals — the defence of truth among them — the end result is much the same: the suppression of speech society finds objectionable, for the sole reason that it is objectionable. If convicted, he faces up to two years in jail.

The National Post, in an editorial, made the case that such prosecutions only provide a platform for the promotion of the very ideas that were supposedly so toxic as to require suppression. In the age of the Internet, moreover, only a tiny fraction of such material is ever likely to be caught in the state's web, raising questions as to what, if anything, is being achieved.

But these are practical arguments. I want to raise a more fundamental objection. Societies that maintain such laws, after all, are making a statement about who and what they are, the sorts of principles they value and why.

I'll make the customary disclaimer here: freedom of speech is indeed not absolute. But the classical exceptions developed over the centuries — libel, fraud, and so on — typically find justification in the concept of harm. It isn't enough that the speech is considered offensive. It must be shown to have caused, or be likely to cause, some demonstrable harm to some identifiable person.

This begins from the recognition of what an extraordinary thing it is, in a free society, for the state to stop up people's mouths. Speech is not merely useful for debating political ideas. It is innate to us as human beings, built into our very thought processes: to prevent us from speaking is the next thing to preventing us from thinking. The burden of proof must therefore be on those who would seek to restrict freedom of speech, and not on those who wish merely to enjoy that freedom. And that burden must be a heavy one.

How heavy? In a criminal trial, as everyone knows, the accused enjoys the presumption of innocence. The state is required to prove his guilt "beyond a reasonable doubt." What is more, there are no exceptions. Often the law requires the courts to weigh one principle against another, most famously via the Charter's "reasonable limits" clause. But in a criminal trial, the requirement to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt is absolute.

To deprive someone of their freedom of speech is perhaps not so grave a matter as to deprive them of their physical liberty. But it is not that far off. It is defensible in certain limited cases, and only with the most rigorous justification. The harm asserted, therefore, cannot be vague or subjective. It must be of a kind that others can agree is harm. That is why the classical exceptions have tended to focus on individuals, and on the more tangible forms of harm.

Physical injury is an obvious example. And indeed, the ban on hate speech is often justified by invoking the threat of violence. But there are other areas of the Criminal Code to deal with that. For example, Section 319.1, the section just before the one in dispute, outlaws inciting hatred against an identifiable group "where such incitement is likely to lead to a breach of the peace." The purpose of 319.2, then, can only be to cover cases where no such breach is likely.

Is there another kind of harm that would justify its imposition? Hurt feelings, as I've said, aren't enough: all sorts of things can cause subjective offence, with no objective basis for distinguishing between them. Attempts have been made to draw an analogy to libel, on the grounds that hate speech amounts to defamation of an entire group. But the broader and more abstract the claim of harm, the harder it is to show.

Probably the strongest case is that recently made by the American legal theorist Jeremy Waldron, in his book The Harm in Hate Speech. Hate speech, he argues, is nothing less than an assault on the dignity of the targeted groups, robbing them of the "implicit assurance" a just society owes to all of its citizens: that they are accepted as members of that society. Without such assurance, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, for them to participate fully in the community.

I can see that applying, in a society where such views were dominant. But a handful of neo-Nazis? How is anyone's membership in society threatened because somebody, somewhere, has an Adolf Hitler decoder ring? Perhaps it might be argued that it is only the law that prevents the few from becoming the many: that in its absence, hatred would be, not the exception, but the rule.

Yet that is not the experience of free societies. Rather, it is in backward dictatorships that hatred of minorities is most virulent. How, indeed, does the impulse arise to protect vulnerable groups in this way except amid the general climate of tolerance of others that is the very basis of freedom of speech? Is it the ban on hate speech, then, that protects them, or the broader absence of such limits?
© Copyright (c) Postmedia News

...we clearly have here in this article, the steps of repression of a Dictatorship and/or Police State...!

...[.] communication of anything defined to them as "hate"...!
...[.] freedom of speech ...!
...[.] freedom of thought ...!
...[.] physical freedom...!
...[.] physical damage or torture, psychological forced torture...!
...[.] policing of un-armed fringe groups...!
...[.] freedom of hate speech...!
...[.] persecution of connections, activities, family, friends...!

...hence no rights to public manifestations for any right...!


...orthodox jews and bible followers:

[.] we will send manna from heaven in a 40 year tour of the sahara or other dessert !
[.] we will resurrect your jesus after 40 years dead, as the catholics resurrected Mary recently[~1800's] from no-where, by the Catholic Church, which all Catholics believe...!
[.] we are earnestly awaiting for millions of bible followers to disappear in the 2nd coming of jesus for you's all dummies !
[.] we are earnestly awaiting for all armies to fight against your celestial jesus in the book of revelations at meguido !


...the correct education and moral and ethics in schools and pure logic centers is the future ! but not a fear to a imaginary "eternal hell-inferno-lake of fire"...! 

...those who destroy historic values : like that of pure logic, is not what pure logic does ...!  to leave what is as no more advance in human logic, is as bad or worse than the "dark middle ages"...!

...earthwatch . org - environment activists !


George Thomson

10:23 AM on 7/10/2012 works on protecting the environment. It is proof that humans activity in devastating forests, jungles, for money and needs, is wrongly believed and permitted, over "surviving" of the Planet our only home ! ABSURD ! And Governments are the only ones to blame !

...simply World governments believe there in no end road to Environment destruction...! or that what is being destroyed, can be salvaged or technology can replace or fix up !

...ADDITIONALLY, no religion that believes in all the Bible, and Jesus fighting a WAR battle, in Revelations directly with World Governments, and this Earth being all burned and a New Earth, BELIEVE IN DOING MUCH for this Earth and World: essentially proof of their enormous bogus intentions, of benifit !

Monday, July 9, 2012

...Syria again and what a revolution is...!

Governments control and governance, can be as ASSAD, an issue of pride or narcissistic control, including too many benefiting under him. What makes the change is what is occurring : An opposition managed to get "firepower" capacity to cause instability ! Plus the Assad government was too repressive and violent !
Imagine what it would take for any positive change in Canada or elsewhere ! Government reacts the same way to any non- armed revolution for positive improvements. No need to imagine police swat teams, or even army incursions on any "armed revolution" !
But nobody is going to do a vote political non armed revolution ! Government is controlled ! Meaning changes will take many, many years , if ever ! Especially if they are determined there are no changes to make ! The old status - quo is unchangeable !
So essentially Syria and ASSAD are way behind Canada in many things ! And Canada is way behind in many better things ! USA, is a bit of everything, from ancient death penalty by the State, to anything that the UK is and USA is not !


Sunday, July 8, 2012

...United Nations big poverty and hunger actions !

United Nations Development Programme
Poverty Reduction

Economic growth will not reduce poverty, improve equality and produce jobs unless it is inclusive. Inclusive growth is also essential for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The globalization process, when properly managed, becomes an important ingredient for inclusive growth. In this context, UNDP works to make real improvements in people’s lives, opening up their choices and opportunities.
Our Goals

UNDP promotes inclusive and sustainable human development and works to reduce poverty in all its dimensions. We focus our efforts on making growth and trade benefit everyone in developing countries.

Environment and Energy

The poor are disproportionately affected by environmental degradation and lack of access to clean, affordable energy services. UNDP helps countries strengthen their capacity to address these challenges at the global, national and community levels, seeking out and sharing best practices, providing innovative policy advice and linking partners through pilot projects.
Our Goals

UNDP strengthens national capacity to manage the environment in a sustainable manner to advance poverty reduction efforts. Through our country teams in 135 developing countries, we help our partners build their capacity to integrate environmental considerations into development plans and strategies, establish effective partnerships, secure resources, and implement programmes to support sustainable, low-carbon, climate-resilient development pathways.

Rio+20 Sustainable Development Summit

The 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development, or “Rio+20” is a forum on how to make sustainable development a reality for seven billion people today, and to define the future we want for nine billion by 2050.

...the definition of "POVERTY" in pure logic, is a self incrimination result of WORLD GOVERNMENTS...! THEY BELIEVE, PRODUCE, POVERTY AND PEASANTS ! They run GOVERNMENTS BANKS AND INTEREST RATES, as one big example of Canada, and USA...!

...results of RIO+20 were only on paper with no real action, as they project a World of 9BILLION humans by 2050...! This will be the tipping point if 7BILLION isn't already the tipping point to "un-sustainablitity" ! Especially under their WORLD MARKETS CAPITALISTIC MODEL of COMPETITION...!

...if they believe in a WORLD of 9BILLLION humans...! and what was implied, that they cannot do anything about, nor will do anything, is a clear "ultimatum", they believe in making DOOM SCENARIOS !

...Canada is said to be wanting to leave the UNITED NATIONS ! And where is Canada's help for World poverty and hunger ?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

...rights, rules and laws...!


Canadians are the first people that I know that have
given up their basic rights ! Must be on false
pretenses of apparent public control, quietness,
and cleanness ! To do such a sacrifice, means that
they clearly have lost sense of the meaning of many
things, including the difference between a "rule",
a "right", and a "law"...!

For example:

A woman can "sell" her body, commonly known as a
prostitute. The rules and laws might be that it
is not allowed ! But her right is, that that is her
right ! It is her physical body ! Does she have the
need for this ? The answer is: I did not make the
lack of money, or social classes ! Not did I make
the need for street drugs !

Canada's government has traversed the boundaries 

of physical contact in their public control. Which 
defines a Dictatorship, in which bodily or mental 
torture is used for public control, political oppression, 
or other ! To outweigh benefits with methods used, 
is a misnomer in this case and many others ! Meaning 
clearly that we are in the hands of ignorant ancient 
persons or simply evil or worse anti-human !

Any physical contact, or any force, or any obliged
ingestion, or obliged signing of anything, other than
detention or time out, opposes, any humanity
progress acquired over so many years !

It clearly declares and affirms, their willful ignorance,
of not knowing any better and correct methods ! It is
proof of their failed education and economic system !

Can this system of Canada last ? Of course it can !
But at a great human rights cost ! It is similar to 

having animals in a cage. They will never do anything 
wrong to anybody ! Until they get out !

The minimum rights, is that under certain decibels 

of  tonality or volume, you can freely say anything 
you want ! Plus many other things. And I am sorry but 
what is insured so it is. And what isn't is not ! You can 
have your rules,  but there are supposed to be laws for 
this. How do you stop pranks and small damages, 
City rubbish, painting of things, etc...? You have 
occupational programs and full employment ! If there 
is too much rubbish, you use plenty of "dodo's" to 
pick it up ! A cars paint got scratched. It has to be 
repaired or accumulative repair done. Car mechanics 
is another thing which insurance is too dear or there 
is none for !

The same as what is done in your house design of 

water piping and electricity. Usage percentage, 
means everybody will not prank. And if there is 
nothing to be upset about, and plenty other occupations, 
nobody would have the time to prank !

Normally people of good living do not have time for 

"pranks" ! That is the answer ! And I did not again,
make the need nor the lack of well living and being !

What the Government of Canada is doing is what you 

can define, as a final measure of despair ! There is 
only worse beyond their way of doing things. Which 
would be worse than a Banana Republic ! Actually it is 
amazing that under such logic, they have Universal 
Health care and Government economic meager 
assistance !

I must add that under any repressive Government 
system you engender deep desires of "freedom" ! But 
Canadians have lost this definition of "freedom" !

Their system does not control me, nor has taught me 
anything ! All I have learned is to be "repressed" ! I 
come from where these controls do not exist ! And as 
adults we attend normally to our problems. You do not 
look for a fight, you make a conversational response, 
and otherwise you ignore ! Anything else has 
Prefecture ways of citations. After further problems,
Prefectures use Policing and Courts. Canadians do 
irresolute issues for meager public control with no 
justice resolution. And are the biggest "tit-for tat" 
non-balanced I have ever known ! Their "tit-for-tat" 
even can be death by any means not criminally defined 
or a accident ! Really a very senseless logic !

Their system of control over "children style minds 
with adult bodies",  makes a dead-end road to any 
progress! It is a false reality of quietness, cleanliness, 
and apparent good behavior ! They do not need progress ! 
They gave up their "personas" ! It is a aberration of 
justice ! Some still try to escape on occasions South
to USA for some burning off of steam !


 "...I PREFER a bit rubbished or dirty house, home or CITY, for my freedom of speech, and normal behavior of freedom of presence, THAN WHAT CANADA CONSIDERS TO BE "NORMAL"...!"

"...I PREFER to be me, and not any CANADIAN that I know so far, nor anyone, or RCMP Police racist, narcisist, megalonomanic, communist, extreme controlling, will control me thus, and I will be this that I am, in CANADA, and anywhere !"

"...I PREFER the truth, than imaginary beliefs on "paper" in a book, be it RELIGION , or ACADEMIA EVOLUTION...! AS I AM ME, and nobodies else's desires of control over me...!"

"...I PREFER "HEAVEN" HERE than an imaginary one to never come...!"

"...I PREFER TO BE ABLE TO SAY WHAT I WANT, so that I do not go on, being a "dumb-bell" that could not say anything for yourself...!"

"...I PREFER TO OPPOSE anything I do not believe, so that as equally others are told wrong things, they do not believe for ever stories and lies...!"

"...I PREFER TO BE ME, than what Canada Mental Health Act, believes I should be, or want me to be...!, or anybody else...!"

"...I WILL BE ME, and not what anybody else thinks is better for me, other than what my parents taught me and I learned normally from "normal" sources... !

" I AM ME, BECAUSE I COME FROM A WELL EDUCATED UNIVERSITY BACKGROUND, AND no-education rights, even non-government funded, is another misnomer of CANADA...!"

George F. Thomson



...we could not miss this further venezuelanism...!

...we could not miss this further venezuelanism...!

Subversivo contrademocrático desde 1980
HUGO Rafael CHÁVEZ : The worst of all and
in all !
Subversive counter-democratic since 1980 !

I will not translate this, so that the
profetico be not true ! Or the truth be
not profetico !


[["...El menos calificado y  más descalificado para determinar quiénes somos y quiénes no somos venezolanos, muchísimo menos aún si lo hace en función de quién lo apoya y quién lo adversa

En uno de sus raptos de desafuero cada vez más frecuentes y cada vez más grotescos, Hugo Chávez se ha atrevido –atrevimiento inaceptable e intolerable— a intentar arrebatarnos  la nacionalidad venezolana  a quienes,  por millones,  disentimos, criticamos, nos oponemos, despreciamos, repudiamos y sentimos severo asco por su acción política  y su gestión gubernamental. ¿Quién se cree que es? ¿Cuánto cree que vale realmente como político, como gobernante  y como ciudadano?  ¿Cuánto cree que saben o ignoran los venezolanos de su acción política y de su gestión gubernamental, de sus vicios y defectos, delitos y crímenes?

Los vahos del poder  y el lamido servil de los arrastrantes  aduladores lo han hecho elevarse del suelo (valor real)   a la estratosfera (sobrevalor megalomaníaco). Como somos parte de los millones a quienes se nos ha pretendido arrebatar nada menos que nuestra nacionalidad por no prosternarnos ante él y sus secuaces y no lamer sus botas de militarista totalitario,  en ejercicio del derecho a réplica –para lo cual, afortunadamente, no necesitamos sentencia del Tribunal Superior de…–   le decimos al poder megalómano que le queda grande, galaxialmente grande, esa pretensión de sentirse superior a todos los venezolanos, sobre todo superior a los venezolanos no castrochavistas, quienes,  por cierto, en su totalidad y  hasta el más modesto de merecimientos, no tienen ni los vicios ni los defectos que él ha mostrado tener,  y no han incurrido en los delitos y los crímenes en los que él ha incurrido, tal como lo han publicado miles de veces  los medios de comunicación independientes en estos trece años y seis meses de tragedia sociopolítica.

Son esas numerosas publicaciones las que nos permiten no tener que limitarnos a  frases simplistas y simplonas, como es su estilo,  sino poder respaldar nuestras afirmaciones con material hemerográfico, bibliográfico y documental muchísimo más que suficiente. Por eso, con sobrado soporte probatorio debidamente archivado podemos afirmar que Hugo Chávez es el menos calificado y el más descalificado para quitarle a nadie nada, mucho menos algo tan sagrado como la nacionalidad, porque, en todo, es el peor de todos en toda nuestra historia.

  El peor, por ser el más ignorante y  el más incapaz para gobernar bien, por ser el más irresponsable en  sus acciones, por haber ejercido la presidencia a base de solamente abusos de poder violando cotidianamente la Constitución  Nacional y leyes de la República; por haber reclutado y puesto a su servicio incondicional a la peor escoria de la sociedad venezolana para así  conformar el peor gobierno de nuestra historia en todos los sentidos; por haber presidido omnímodamente el gobierno más dilapidador, más malversador  y más corrupto de todos los tiempos, tanto en el número y modalidad de los casos como en las enormes cantidades afectadas;  por haber presidido el gobierno de menor nueva obra realizada, de haber llevado al más bajo nivel los servicios públicos, de haber permitido por carencia de mantenimiento el mayor deterioro de la infraestructura del país, etc., no obstante haber dispuesto de todo el poder institucional  y de una inmensa cantidad de recursos (1) como para haber realizado la mejor gestión gubernamental del mundo, en términos absolutos en relación con países de igual o menor tamaño económico  y en términos relativos en relación con  países  de mayor dimensión económica, incluyendo las mayores potencias económicas mundiales; por haber conspirado, siendo oficial militar,  contra la democracia representativa, consagrada en la Constitución Nacional,  entre 1980 y 1992;  por haber destruido hasta ahora gran parte del  sistema político democrático  representativo con falsos argumentos y con el único objetivo de eliminar la posibilidad de controles y sanciones a la ejecución de su estrategia capital destructiva y a la prosecución de su objetivo supremo de instauración de un régimen militarista totalitario; por haber destruido gran parte de las empresas independientes del país para eliminar la fuente de prevención del sector privado ante el intento de imponerle un régimen totalitario, para reducir el ámbito de relativa evasión de la acción opresiva y represiva del gobierno, y para ampliar el campo de dominio gubernamental a costa de la disminución del sector privado; por el asalto a la fuerza de  los ámbitos de dominio privado para pasarlos al “dominio del sector público”, eufemismo por lo que es en verdad  el dominio del castrochavismo; por otros delitos y crímenes que deben quedar sin mención por razones de espacio.                 (1) Según estimaciones de privado acopio  –el gobierno suele mantener reserva sobre sus ingresos–,  la revolución castrochavista ha recibido, en los trece años y seis meses que lleva en el poder y  por distintos conceptos, el equivalente a 1 billón 300 mil millones de dólares, muchísimos más que los suficientes para resolver todos, absolutamente todos  los problemas económicos de Venezuela, y para haber puesto en marcha el plan de desarrollo económico y social de muy lejos más importante de nuestra historia y del mundo, guardando en este último caso las debidas proporciones.  Sobre esos fondos nunca ha rendido cuenta, ni querrá ni podrá rendirla, porque por los medios de comunicación sabemos que han sido malversados, dilapidados y sustraídos por las más disímiles formas de corrupción

Por eso puede afirmarse, con el apoyo referencial de numerosos hechos recogidos y publicados en medios de comunicación de toda índole, informes, documentos y relatorías diversas, que Hugo Chávez es en nuestro país  el peor gobernante, el peor político, el peor oficial militar, el peor ciudadano, el peor individuo, el peor ser social, el peor venezolano, en fin, el peor de todos en todo.  Por lo tanto es el menos calificado y el más descalificado para determinar quiénes somos y quiénes no somos venezolanos, mucho menos si lo hace en la forma tan torpe de utilizar como criterio de arrebato quién lo apoya o quién lo adversa.

La subversión contrademocrática en el poder

 Durante los trece años y seis meses  que la revolución castrochavista lleva en el poder, ha recibido, de un número creciente de venezolanos que hoy son millones, cuestionamientos cada vez más severos a su forma autoritaria de gobernar, y asimismo de críticas cada vez más serias a los vicios y defectos, delitos y crímenes en los que ha incurrido para mantenerse y afianzarse en el poder y llevar adelante su proyecto político militarista totalitario. Los señalamientos, cada vez mayores en gravedad y número, han provenido de dirigentes partidistas, líderes sociales o mayormente de meros ciudadanos, desde una posición opositora, disidente o crítica, a lo largo y a lo ancho del país.

Durante trece años y seis  meses, asimismo, la revolución castrochavista  nunca ha respondido argumentos con argumentos, ni acusaciones con defensa, ni críticas con información o explicación. Su respuesta ha sido siempre la misma: descalificaciones  insultantes y ofensivas o agresiones de variada  índole  a todo aquél que opine o actúe en contraposición o de manera diferente  al régimen, sea venezolano o extranjero, sea cual fuere su nivel social, en fin, trátese de quien se trate:  “corruptos, ladrones, cachorros del imperio, agentes o lacayos del imperialismo y/o de la oligarquía y/o de la burguesía, golpistas, fascistas, pitiyanquis, conspiradores para la desestabilización o el magnicidio, enemigos del sistema democrático, conspiradores contra la democracia y contra el pueblo, apátridas, traidores a la Constitución Nacional y a la patria…”, etc.

Como los poderes públicos  actúan como meras marionetas electrónicas, por la velocidad con que ejecutan sus órdenes, una acusación pública de Hugo Chávez o de cualquiera de sus secuaces en el poder, independientemente de todo lo infundada que ella sea, suele significar la puesta en marcha de un proceso que ha de terminar  en una sanción. Son testimonios fehacientes de ello las decenas de venezolanos presos, condenados no obstante que nada pudo probárseles, o los miles de  compatriotas que han tenido que salir involuntaria y precipitadamente  de Venezuela huyéndole a una injusta condena.

La lección del fracaso guerrillero              

 La guerrilla de los años ’60 del siglo pasado tuvo como estrategia capital el derrocamiento del sistema democrático representativo, en función del objetivo fundamental de instaurar un régimen revolucionario  de corte  castrista, régimen del cual venía todo su impulso.

 Según las crónicas sobre el evento guerrillero, dos de los factores fundamentales de su derrota fueron la acción eficaz de las Fuerzas Armadas y el vacío de apoyo popular a una acción que se proponía destruir el sistema democrático.  Por lo tanto, quedó claro que en el futuro una nueva acción subversiva contrademocrática debería evitar enfrentamiento abierto con las Fuerzas Armadas y  tenía también que enmascararse como democrática.


 Hugo Chávez entra a la política como conspirador subversivo contrademocrático

 Con posterioridad a su derrota,   ex-guerrilleros decidieron reencaminar su proyecto subversivo  fomentando una conspiración  dentro de la propia institución castrense que antes los había derrotado. Se  aspiraba a que, por emerger el golpe del seno  de las FFAA, se podría eludir el riesgo de que fuera derrotada  nuevamente por ella misma. Se  decidió así mismo que la bandera del golpe no sería la destrucción de la democracia –aunque en verdad era eso y no otra cosa lo que en realidad se buscaba–, sino, muy por el contrario, el derrocamiento  del gobierno para “limpiar a la democracia” de sus vicios y defectos, delitos y crímenes.

A comienzos del año 1980,  ex-guerrilleros en plan de activismo subversivo entraron en contacto con el entonces teniente Hugo Chávez,  por mediación de su hermano mayor Adán, y lo captaron como uno de los  operadores de su plan conspirativo.  Se acordó que la insurrección  se daría “cuando existieran las condiciones subjetivas y objetivas propicias”.  No sería, pues, un golpe sedicioso contra un gobierno ni contra un presidente determinados, sino contra el sistema democrático como tal, el mismo que estaba consagrado en la Constitución Nacional entonces vigente, a la cual debía lealtad por juramento todo integrante de las FF.AA.

Al aceptar incorporarse a la conspiración golpista subversiva contrademocrática, el teniente Hugo Chávez aceptó tácitamente quebrantar el juramento de lealtad a las Fuerzas Armadas de las cuales formaba parte; y al comprometerse a insurgir  contra el sistema político consagrado en  la Constitución Nacional, asumía asimismo abjurar de su lealtad constitucional.  Convino por lo tanto en echarse  a andar como traidor a las Fuerzas Armadas, a la Constitución Nacional, a la Patria y en suma al pueblo venezolano. Iniciaba así una larga tarea de subversión del sistema democrático representativo que aún hoy mantiene desde el poder constituido. Todo ello a los 25 años de edad y apenas con el grado de teniente.  Comenzó así una carrera política sucia y tenebrosa, que lo ha llevado a constituir, conjuntamente con los hermanos Castro, el trío de peores gorilas del continente americano.

Una carrera de dobleces que aún perdura

 Así se inició Hugo Chávez en una carrera política que ha estado signada por mentiras y engaños, simulación y farsa, trampas y fraudes, demagogia y cinismo, siempre haciendo ocultamente lo contrario de lo que públicamente dice estar haciendo.

Desde su incorporación a la conjura golpista  a comienzos de 1980 hasta el 4 de febrero de 1992, tuvo que mentir y fingir  por imperativo de su propia supervivencia dentro de las Fuerzas Armadas. En esos doce años desarrolló un  regusto creciente por la mentira y el engaño, Al día de hoy, su vida política no ha sido sino una gran mentira continuada, en la que  dice y se desdice con descarada facilidad, proclamándose el mayor demócrata mientras él y sus secuaces han desatado la mayor ferocidad destructiva contra la democracia venezolana.

El carácter inherente  de tales vicios y defectos se ha acentuado tanto, que ha terminado por ser condición natural de su forma de ser como político y como persona. Cuarenta años de dobleces han determinado que el Hugo Chávez de hoy haya llegado a ser, por naturaleza, intrínsecamente mentiroso y engañoso, simulador y farsante, tramposo y fraudulento, demagogo y cínico.

En febrero de 1992 el golpe contrademocrático producto de la conspiración emerge con la máscara de “rebelión cívico-militar”, criticando ferozmente los vicios, defectos, delitos y crímenes de los gobiernos democráticos y enarbolando falsas banderas de  auténtica democracia, honestidad administrativa, justicia, libertad y progreso social. Todo mentira.

Purgó prisión por golpista y al salir de la cárcel por inexplicable indulto presidencial, se echó a las calles  del país con un discurso de enardecido doliente de la democracia agraviada por los gobiernos civiles. Discurso que subió de tono agresivo y de contundencia crítica contra los “malos demócratas”  y se explayó en oferta democrática durante su campaña electoral presidencial de 1998.

Trece años y tres meses en el poder han demostrado, de manera contundente y fehaciente, que sus críticas a los regímenes anteriores y sus ofertas políticas y sociales no fueron otra cosa que un largo rosario de mentiras y engaños. En esos largos años el gobierno castrochavista ha incurrido en un número muchísimo mayor de vicios, defectos, delitos y crímenes que aquéllos  que ferozmente les criticó a los ocho gobiernos civiles anteriores, y no solamente no ha cumplido la mayor parte de sus promesas de auténtico desarrollo político y social, sino que ha dedicado toda la potencia de su acción política y de su gestión gubernamental a ejecutar su estrategia capital de destrucción de la democracia y  a lograr su objetivo supremo de instaurar un régimen militarista totalitario de hegemonía total sobre la sociedad venezolana...]]"

...i must add to this venezuelanism, that all indicates that Chavez is the biggest "liar" Venezuela has had...! THAT THEY BELIEVE IN SUPERSTITIONS...! AND THAT THEY "SCRIPT" MANY THINGS EVEN ONTO THEMSELVES...!

...that those that have left, or are part of this Chavez mentality in some manner, or truly left, to escape such "monsters", "depraved", "degrading", "depersonalizing", mentality...! in which one group of power displaced and/or assimilated all around it, to its liking, in which everything is and isn't [ no real conscience ], and the poor are still poor...!

...i must further add, to this profetico, that all Venezuelans, might be caught up, in a "regresive" WORLD brainwashing mentality, of myths and fables, with a mix of Religion and Evolution...!