Monday, June 11, 2012

...who is going to replace ASSAD...? another prophetico...!?

Who will replace Assad?,7340,L-4241086,00.html
Op-ed: As Syria uprising nears decision point, opposition groups cannot produce apparent successor
Smadar Peri
Published:     06.11.12, 18:19 / Israel Opinion
Despite a Turkish and American behind-the-scenes effort to prepare Syrian opposition groups for the day after, the question of who will take power in Syria once President Bashar Assad falls remains without an answer.

The 24 organizations that currently comprise the Syrian National Council are split and face disputes, and according to some reports Syrian intelligence agencies managed to infiltrate them with “snitches,” alongside terrorists sent by al-Qaeda.,7340,L-4239906,00.html

...half destroyed cities and towns...???

...big refugee sites...!

...HOW CAN ANYBODY SAY: nothing is happening...?!

...SOUNDS LIKE AFRICA TO ME: much war treasure...!