Tuesday, June 5, 2012

To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on her Diamond Jubilee

The Diamond
Queen Elizabeth II

A Queen & King is not of humans only !

Is not the “marvels” of Nature, some expression of society living with no outcasts or real poor ?

Amazingly, it is of humans to be so harsh with each other ! You would expect from a more intelligent being, understanding to not be so !

Do we need the society “freedom” and competition of these days and those before, to be strong by mere experience ? Or to be strong by true living and education thus ?

We do not doubt that levels of responsibility, power, occupations is adequate ! What I doubt is that the economic ends of society and humans, be a too extreme way of control and governance !

Needless to say, that there are better ways for economies and human logic life ! Why live under concepts of false “austerity”, and not live in a more futuristic sense of survival, and life happiness ?

Could the balance between good an evil in today's Countries, be not needed to be so, of a more intelligent being ?

What we learn, and are taught in life, by no doubt makes what we are ! And what we are is what we make of it ! But sometimes, we do neither, and never did something or somebody else, do much for our progress and advance in Human logic and History ! Or did they ?

England Commonwealth and Europe have developed better forms of human living. The living of intelligent “marvels” that deserve more than life generally gives them !

We have more to do than Darwin and followers ever have thought ! And to live under harsh competitive forces, “may” not accomplish this !

Why are old Religions of guidance to some degree of Humanity, going to be “guiding” for ever ? How can Humanity progress with the biases that is from a lot out of human and animalia nature and part of what is not possible by mere appearance into visible reality of life on this Planet ?

Amazingly it must have been better guiding logic along the way of human origins, than Religions, to develop to their rationale humanness of today !

Could it be the unknown source of all our knowledge and logic that pure logic demonstrates ? That escapes from our minds constantly, in regressive mentalities, to continue enslaving us to them, and not envision the possible supremacy of a maxim of intelligence, to a more rational life style of Humanity !

Her Majesty, has functioned with the better influence of admirably what pure logic is ! Even though the “weight” of ancient not so logical thought of sheer dominance by the economic limitations of the population, will give you and the Monarchy, the enduring satisfaction of this permanence in power and that of government.

Very few of more biased “obscurantist” logic, believe these conceptualizations of pure logic.

When there is something to loose, the bias of obscurantism tries to forever win and not progress to better forms of humans living !

How can we make there to be no loss to the progress of pure logic ? That is the question: “... to be and let be, that is the question of progress and pure logic...!”

Happy 60 years of Monarchy and presence and influence in Governance and intentions of well being to what you are for ! :

To preside over other humans beings ! Though some would seek to do more than preside others !

Kindly from a new developer of pure logic and inspirer of further development of the “human marvel” in well being and that of our only home, the wonders of Planet earth.

George Frederick Thomson Broadhead.

Knight “Heart of Hearts & of Pure
Knight “Of the Eternal Order of
King Arthur”
Knight “Of the Order of Winston
S. Churchill”