Sunday, June 3, 2012 x back...! more headaches for the CIA and FBI and DEFENSE USA...?

SPACE X back from second solo and first to ISS "international" space station

National Post editorial board on SpaceX: The ultimate public-private partnership
National Post Editorial Board  Jun 1, 2012 – 12:29 PM ET

On Thursday, 900 kilometres off the coast of Los Angeles, the next step in human space exploration splashed down for a safe water landing in the Pacific Ocean. The Dragon capsule, the first privately built and operated spacecraft to ever deliver cargo to the International Space Station, was swiftly located by patrol planes, and was towed back toward port by a fleet of vessels sent to await its arrival.

Dragon, owned and operated by the U.S. firm SpaceX, is not a technological leap forward, per se. It is a fairly conventional space capsule, launched atop a standard medium-lift rocket. Its delivery of 550 kg of food, clothing and other supplies to the space station’s six-man crew was a feat that has been accomplished many times before. But this always has been done by government-owned and operated space agencies — NASA, the Russian space program and the European Space Agency. SpaceX is the first company to match the orbital delivery capability of high-tech nation states.

...simply more than Government and the Russians, into the secrets or data of space flight and Docking to the ISS...!

...can a hidden atomic bomb reach the ISS and be thrown from there easier now...?