Friday, June 15, 2012

...kindergarten mathematics...! forthcoming June 20 in Rio...!

Population growth and over-consumption could have 'potentially catastrophic implications for human wellbeing'
Charlie Cooper
Thursday 14 June 2012

On the eve of the Rio+20 conference, the world’s 105 science academies have warned international leaders that a failure to act now on population growth and over-consumption will have “potentially catastrophic implications for human well being”.

The coalition of scientists from nations as diverse as South Africa, Latvia, Japan, Nicaragua, Bolivia and the UK, have taken the rare step of issuing a joint statement ahead of the UN conference on sustainable development, which will begin in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday (June 20).

...Are World Science Academies wrong on this one...?

...according to kindergarten mathematics: one toy gone is a "cry" and a fight or gone...! one atmosphere, one ocean, one, one, one...! Science Academies on over-consumption, and over-population , and..., are right...!

...or better still: what happens to a kindergarten[kind-er-garden-(of-eden)] kid and the logic involved means: it will happen to "Planet Earth"...! As it is  happening already...! more clearer words or in a more crude way of saying things: " you have to be a 'naive kindergarden kid', to be a government that believes money is more important than survival on this planet, and not destroying your only home in the solar system...!

...THIS IS A JOKE WHEN Brazil has just authorized more land usage of JUNGLES, and Rivers...!