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George F. Thomson is a Civil Engineer specialized in most basic Civil Engineering, with some elective subjects of Roads and Sanitary Engineering. His life's practice were limited to 'house construction', computers and software business sales, insurance sales, knowledge in legal civil latin-american law, 20 years more or less experience in Christian Religion studies, knowledge of Science and Evolution.

Lately I have developed interests and activity in 'Logic', and the proposal of Scientific hypothesis contrary to Evolution. I support a lot of Scientific studies, excluding religion, of the Creation Research Society ( and Intelligent Design of ( I currently have my own websites also.

My "Logic" development (studies on my own) includes 'argumentation theory', 'logical argument' and 'informal logic', with 'artificial intelligence' analysis studies, to fully develop the definitions and concepts of my logic of 'pure logic' complying with most Science. The management of my 'excesive and mostly logic mind' has been a life's challenge, that has been fully developing as recently as year 2005. My theorization capabilities are complemented with others that can put up mathematics-quemistry-physics science compliant hypothesis, theories and/or models.

For your analysis and criticism of Intelligent Design in their published papers of great interest, eliminating of course all reference of religion or the Bible, you can refer to: Available archives on CD at , and online archives at Some articles are very convincing from these creationists PhD's. Of course they would hardly be published in "Nature" or "Science" magazines, as some are quite revealing of what evolutionists do to cover up other evidence that doesn't comply with Evolution and natural selection. GeorgeFThomson 13:41, 25 September 2006 (UTC)

I am founder of the new unifying religious/philosophical/scientific movement denominated: Pure Logic Areopagus.

I give full compliance to Wikipedia Encyclopedia that it is administered correctly to fully comply with correct data and knowledge source, in what is the most possible.

To contact me my emails are:  ; ; ;

...though more important and more intelligent and better logic, than all of Evolution Academia and Theology, plus the Catholics and the Vatican,  what will it take for purelogic to be accepted ...??? ...probably not in a million years, as they are worth too much in money, in assets, and public presence...! and they are not going to change what they teach and preach...!!!

...hence you can you define my quest as joint/united impossible quest/venture...!!! simply fantastic...! i feel way more empowered than they all do...!!! simply because of their opposition...!


Pure logic is correctly defined in it's usage and definitions.  Additionally the letter combinations are archeological and much more...!

We have :

PURE - PERU[Country of Archeological Wonder] - ERUP(tion)[Volcano] - RUPE(e) [India currency] -  REUP(take) - REPU(rcussion)[repercussion] - RUPE[Place in Slovenia] - ETC