Wednesday, June 20, 2012

...believe it or not, Canada is similar in many ways to China...!

Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei Barred from Court
By Associated Press | June 20, 2012

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(BEIJING) — Chinese police on Wednesday barred Ai Weiwei from attending the first hearing of a lawsuit brought by his company against Beijing tax authorities and blocked reporters from filming at the courthouse, part of an intimidation campaign aimed at silencing the prominent artist and outspoken government critic.

Ai told reporters Wednesday that police ordered him on Tuesday night to stay inside his courtyard home in northeast Beijing and steer clear of the courts. He said he agreed.

Chinese authorities view Ai as a troublemaker. They detained him for three months last year and his design company was ordered to pay 15 million yuan ($2.4 million) in back taxes and fines.

...similar to Canada, as to me going to court over the Academic establishment of pure logic...!

...i am in a "mental health" meager trouble maker permanent list of the police R.C.M.P....!

...somehow they claim, i am in some kind of house activities limitations...!

...i have been menaced to not go to any University or Academic activities, as also public Court hearings...!

...i have obvious public onslaught by any person showing negativity against my persona...!

...Canada represses by force and "mental health detentions tortures" for any meager issues, as small as a "yell at a neighbor", as if they were kindergarten kids...!

...BELIEVE ME, you can run humans as repressed little kids and comply with statistics of low criminality, at A GREAT COST OF HUMAN RIGHTS...!   They do not know how to do it with education which is deplorable in public Schools, and "Prefecture style hearings", etc...!

...WELL CANADA IS CHINA, as to some justice and new line ideas may be...!