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...a letter to Chavez from another Venezuelan which I agree completely about !

From blog:


Dear Sir:

 In this letter I would like to summarize my opinion about your performance, so that it could be available to future students of early XXI century Venezuela.

When history about this period is written and your presence is long gone future Venezuelans will be able to understand in its true magnitude the disaster you created. This disaster has not been one-dimensional but financial, social, administrative, institutional and, especially, spiritual.

I will start by this last category. Beyond political ideologies the primordial duty of a chief of state is to unify the people around policies that promote national progress. To be able to do this he, she must utilize persuasion, exercise a truly inspiring leadership and maintain respect and tolerance for dissenters. These are essential components of democracy. You have done exactly the opposite. For 15 years you have sown hatred among our population, accusing the middle class of gains at the expense of the poor, calling us “apatridas” (stateless). Your attitude has been criminal and has created a deep cleavage in Venezuelan society, one that will only be repaired long after you are gone. You have been an anti-leader, not the leader the nation required. 

In the institutional sector you have annihilated all autonomy of powers, a fundamental ingredient of democracy. No one can deny that our judicial and moral powers, as well as the National Electoral Council, the National assembly and the Armed Force are controlled by political eunuchs you have bought with money that belonged to the people. Every day we observe examples of the prostitution you have brought to our institutions with the help of oil money. Your actions have been openly criminal and deserve exemplary punishment. 

Your main administrative duty was to use honestly and efficiently our national resources. You have failed, not in isolated cases, but in a systematic manner. You have turned Petroleos de Venezuela, the state-owned oil company into an importer and distributor of low quality food,  often spoiled, and have subjected the company to chronic under investment. This has caused a drastic reduction in oil production and a serious deterioration of plant and equipment. You have converted the company into your preferred vehicle to obtain fresh money to finance your political plans. As a result the company now has a debt approximately 30 times higher than when you came into power. The development of the huge oil resources of the Orinoco region is at a standstill since you have placed the region in the hands of state-owned companies from socialist countries that lack the required capital or technology to do the job. Predictably not one single new barrel of upgraded oil has been produced from this region during your 14 years in power.

The industrial agglomerate of the Guayana region (CVG) is bankrupt. The country is now importing many of the products this complex used to produce and its affiliate companies no longer generate cash flow to pay their employees.

Ministries have proliferated, such as the Ministry of Prisons, under the management of a notorious friend of the criminals or the Ministry for Caracas Housing, run by a corrupt minister who gives government contracts to his private partner.

The social sector has been the fundamental claim to your popularity. Your strategy is based on direct subsidies: free medical attention, massive, low-amount scholarships, bonuses for special groups such as pregnant mothers and the handicapped, free or subsidized food and transport, houses to followers of your twitters. This could have been an acceptable strategy if it had been more transparent and accompanied by structural programs against poverty and for health and education. Since this has not been the case, the population has become more and more dependent on government handouts, in exchange for which you demand political loyalty. You handout fish but you do not teach people how to fish. When you are gone you will leave behind an immense legion of beggars.

In the financial sector you have wasted a record national income, more than one trillion dollars in your 14 years in power. No president has had so much money at his disposal. But there is little in Venezuela to show for it. Roads, buildings, universities, hospitals are lacking maintenance and no new significant public works have been built. Where is the money? We should look for it in Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, in the pockets of your government staff and friends, in Russia, as payment for the military toys bought from Mr. Putin; in Argentina, Mexico and Peru, given to presidential candidates of your choice. Although you claim that wealth is a perversion you have used Venezuelan money to buy $50,000 watches, $65 million airplanes and expensive clothing and to stay at the best hotels in the world accompanied by entourages of 50 or more persons, including cooks, doctors and bodyguards. The frequent visits to Cuba for medical treatment, where you hold cabinet meetings attended by all members of your cabinet, cost the nation some $300,000 per day.

And now you are running, once more, for president since you claim, quite cynically, that you are finally “learning to govern” and “need more time to consolidate the revolution”. You are financing your campaign with national resources, as has been convincingly documented. You are even getting the nation into new debt to finance your campaign.

If you were an honest person, truly concerned about the welfare of our nation, you would not try to stay in power, not only because of the disaster you have already created but also because you are in a lamentable physical and mental condition. You are shrewd enough to see that your followers will vote for you viscerally. They are no longer worried about what is best for the nation but about “winning”, about keeping the rich and the enemies of the “revolution” off the presidency. This is a primitive, Jurassic-like, political objective. You could have followed the examples of Mandela, Clavel, Cardoso, Lula or Betancourt but decided to throw your lot with Mugabe, Hussein, Gadhafi, Castro, Sure Shot Marulanda (FARC), Ahmadinejad and Lukashenka, the political underworld of our planet.

What I have said in this letter is not just an opinion. It can be documented, and in fact is already largely documented. Mr. Chavez: Your criminal record is gigantic and will serve to bring you to justice sooner or later. I will do all within my power to see that this is done.

Gustavo Coronel
Posted 52 minutes ago by Gustavo Coronel

...AS TO "REALITY" i commented that i agreed fully on this letter !


It would seem a vengeance to the General Perez Jimenez, previous Dictator of Venezuela before the years of Democracy leading to Chavez in 1999 :

[.] The best known social police security, you could sleep with your door unlocked. To Chavez no social police security, at least effectively.
[.] Relative good economics and no inflation, and good living. To Chavez not better living than the previous Democracy. Though with apparent more help and better housing to the poor. But a big exodus of the best of Venezuelans.
[.] During Perez Jimenez and after, there was a big migration of Europe and others to Venezuela wonder-land. Many of these families have left to their mother-lands. No worthwhile migration to Venezuela during Chavez. Only Cubans ! And Colombians refugees, etc.
[.] Chavez keeps the private health system and tries to give better Government health, plus uses cuban doctors !
[.] Really no increment in job availability during Chavez, and terrible inflation !
[.] Not much governments thefts during the great Dictator, other than himself and some others. Great wondrous Engineering Structures that stand today: like the Maracaibo bridge over the Lake, the highest cable car in the World to Peak Bolivar, etc.
[.] No political participation during Jimenez and persecution. Plenty of Political participation during the Democracy that went slowly in decline. No political initial participation during Chavez. To a big turn of Governor participation of the opposition ! This technique could perpetrate Chavez and the decline worse. Or give a foot hold for finishing Chavez ! Who knows, the law of gravity, that always pulls downwards !


As to any judgement to Chavez: the question is, I do not know who will or can ?!

I REALLY WISH Mr. Coronel luck in his ultimatum of : !

Los invertebrados, de la estirpe "chiriperos" CHIRIPA, CUCA-RACHAS, COCK-ROACHES ...!

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Future unwanted, but hope lives on | ActionAid

Future unwanted, but hope lives on | ActionAid

UN Rio G+20, proves money mandates over a sustainable "sane" future !
At Rio’s Earth Summit, another chance to take action to address hunger and climate change passes us by.

Friday marked the end of the Rio +20 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Given the low expectations, many governments are doing their best to portray the summit as a success. We at ActionAid, like nearly all of our colleagues in civil society, are unimpressed.

So what’s there to be cheerful about? The answer is “almost nothing”, but let’s take a look at the positive, which included the following:

    There was an outcome document. At one point it seemed possible that there would be no document at all, given the rigid positions taken by the U.S. and the unwillingness of rich countries to talk about monetary commitments.
    The outcome document did not backslide on previous commitments. Indeed it mentioned the need to move forward on previous commitments, including those of Agenda 21, the ambitious plan of action agreed 20 years ago at the first Rio Earth Summit.
    At some side events, including at the launch of the UN’s Zero Hunger Challenge, governments did agree to put some money towards sustainable development. At that event, the UK announced that they were putting £150 million towards ending hunger.
    Most importantly, representatives of civil society from Brazil and across the globe came together in the People’s Summit, to discuss the problems with and alternatives to the current economic system and put forward concrete suggestions that, if implemented, would move us towards a more sustainable future.

OK, that’s about it for the good bits. While these are not trivial, they are hugely disappointing given the amount of resources that have been put into the summit and more importantly the magnitude of the crises facing the world’s poor and marginalized communities. How did we get to this sorry state of affairs?

In side discussions with officials from Africa, Asia and Latin America, we often heard a similar refrain. The US and Europe talk very nicely about sustainable development, they said, but are silent when asked  to put forward money to carry out the needed transformation of developing economies. Without some actual money on the table, these lofty ambitions can never become a reality. While some governments, including Denmark, which was speaking for the European Union, seemed willing to discuss possibilities around new ways of raising money including a tax on financial transactions, powerful countries still block these initiatives at the global level.

A second reason for the impasse is a fundamental disagreement about what is needed. A lot of the talk about a transition to a “green economy”  promotes false solutions. The trading of carbon credits, whether linked to forests, soil, or pollution, is seen as some kind of magic bullet that will ensure that companies begin to pay their fair share. But on examination, carbon markets seem like efficient ways to raise money for all kinds of institutions (including the World Bank), but extremely inefficient ways to punish polluters. A straightforward carbon tax might be a much more efficient way.

Biofuels– which studies show may well emit more carbon than fossil fuels – is another false solution that remains on the table, despite an emerging consensus [pdf] that the promotion of biofuels is exacerbating the food crisis by causing competition between food and fuel.

    While proponents of these false solutions – some of whom stand to make a lot of money should they be accepted and promoted by governments – cannot claim that they had a victory at Rio +20, it seems clear that these and other bad ideas are still on the table.

And here we arrive at the fundamental question: what is the “green economy”?

At Rio and at the G20 summit in Mexico which preceded it, the term “green economy” was everywhere - in the welcome packets, on advertising hoardings, and in the title of nearly every workshop. While I’ve got nothing against the color green, it must be said that this term is not very descriptive and therefore can be used to mean whatever is convenient at the moment.  Big businesses have clearly understood that there is a change coming, and that this change is called “the green economy” and are struggling to control its definition, in part through claiming that false solutions like carbon markets and biofuel promotion should be part of it.

But the need of the moment is for policies based on science and fact, rather than on what will make the most money for those who already have a lot of it. ActionAid and our allies must come together to help define what an alternative economic system would really look like, perhaps through multiple “green economies”. Whatever alternative we put forward must certainly have human rights and environmental sustainability at its core.

Fortunately, there were people in Rio who were discussing what alternative green economies should look like. Unfortunately, they were not discussing it at the Earth Summit, but rather at the alternative People’s Summit, where women’s movements, farmer’s organizations, activists for the rights of indigenous peoples and hundreds of other groups came together to put forward an alternative vision and came out in the streets to demand that leaders begin to chart a new course [in Portuguese, English version will soon be available here].

The Future We Want – the rather ambitious name the UN gave to the official summit’s outcome document -- depends on how we all can engage with and empower these movements to demand that leaders take real action. Until then, our leaders seem determined to continue with business as usual.

...those that are parasites of other humans, mostly need them in the worst of conditions...! subdued to whatever the dominant governing class wants...!

...UN Rio G+20, proves money mandates over a sustainable "sane" future !

squiggles for 28june2012 : ...the abominacion of MORONI and USA medico...!

 the abomination of MORONI and USA medico...!

...draconian world going Canadian, or Canada going draconian...?

STOP the trap
We are going Draconian on Internet !
[ see comments of George Thomson ]

George Thomson

1:18 PM on 6/28/2012

...Copyright is one thing, and music, and movies and books ! IMAGINE, THOUGH, IT IS DRACONIAN, Bible pathetic logic, to do something that somebody else does not stop ! IF IT IS ON INTERNET I AM NOT TO BLAME FOR DOWNLOADING OR GOING THERE ! Where did everybodies thinking box go to ! WHERE DID FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND ANALYSIS GO TO ? It might be going doing the drain of 2,000 years that have been lost anyway: you are not a persona anymore in CANADA ! You are at their beckon !


You could have to pay a big fine for simply clicking on the wrong link.

Right now, a group of 600 industry lobbyist "advisors" and un-elected government trade representatives are scheming behind closed doors1,2 to craft an international agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Why the secrecy? We know from leaked documents3 that the TPP includes what amounts to an Internet trap that would:

    Criminalize4 some of your everyday use of the Internet,
    Force service providers to collect and hand over your private data without privacy safeguards5, and
    Give media conglomerates more power to fine you for Internet use,6 remove online content—including entire websites—and even terminate7 your access to the Internet.
    The TPP would create a parallel legal system of international tribunals that will undermine national sovereignty and allow conglomerates to sue countries for laws that infringe on their profits.

The TPP's Internet trap is secretive, extreme, and it could criminalize your daily use of the Internet. We deserve to know what will be blocked, what we and our families will be fined for.

If enough of us speak out now, we can force participating governments to come clean. Your signature will send a message to leaders of participating countries.8 Please sign the petition and share it with everyone you know >>>


Vancouver Sun: TPP could could impose draconian restrictions on Canadian Internet users
Posted on Thursday, June 28, 2012 - 13:04

One day in and the petition has had over 55,000 names added to it from around the world. What's more, we're quickly growing the coalition of organizations behind the effort to make the TPP less restrictive and more transparent. In every measurable way, it's clear we're off to a strong start. This is the beginning of something important.

Let's make this the strongest first week we can. Share the petition with your friends, family and co-workers right away, and start a conversation with them about the TPP's Internet trap. Share it on Facebook, or send a tweet. Let's make this count!

Article by Gillian Shaw for the Vancouver Sun:

A coalition of Internet advocates launched a campaign Wednesday against Canada’s participation in closed-door trade talks that could force Canada to rewrite its laws and impose draconian restrictions on Canadian Internet users. Read more »


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Wishfully thinking there is no afterlife

Wishfully thinking there is no afterlife

...Please see my comments...!

...Burma retrograde ancient minds...!

Aung San Suu Kyi visits BBC Broadcasting House
Burmese politician and human rights advocate Aung San Suu Kyi visited BBC Broadcasting House in London on Tuesday 19 June 2012. During her visit she met former radio presenter Dave Lee-Travis who she had listened to on the BBC World Service when she was under house arrest. A slideshow of pictures taken during her visit is available on Flickr. Aung San Suu Kyi...! may think England has not got issues similar to those of BURMA...!

...all "you" need to do is go to the "muck" of peasants and poor, and you soon will find plenty similarities...!

...detentions, for reasons that are categorized as political and revolutionary, are not something new...! and if you want to know, i am under a technical similar limitations...!

...if you want to come to canada, i will show you how to be denigrated and detained by the "police state and mental health services"...!

...i hope your efforts against males of BURMA, are not lost after having gained positions in government...!

...english have given apparently more freedoms, but on conditions...!

...i just thought you would want to get to know more about the other worlds and not only Burma...! ; ; book of pure logic

...the alleged richesT country in the World, Supremou Court euphemisms on americans poor healthcare...!

The Impact
What will the Supreme Court's health-care ruling mean for me? AMERICANOUS !

Click on the tabs below to see how the three most talked about scenarios could affect you.

...the richest country in the WOrld is really a monster of all kind of logic, from real ancient[capital punishment-death penalty], to freedom of speech...!

...30million Americans to prove USA, is not better than a 3rd World country banana Republic, in health care...! YOU CAN GO BROKE IF YOU NEED COSTLY MEDS OR OTHER...!


...WHAT WILL THE SUPREME Court EUPHEMISM really say: USA is a country for the RICH and privileged, the slavists they have been for a long time...!

...FOLKS DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE ? : 3 MOTHERS and 6 mother "f_cke_ _"...! With kids, and no heart for any others...!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 aboutthebbc #1 by : peasants_for_ever !

Certainly united communities have progressed a lot from the dark middle ages!
Peasants are still peasants, and 60 years of QUEEN E2 has not changed essentially much anything !
But History proves itself, though does not justify itself:
A peasant kept ignorant with little or no free education, meager government support, some free food, and most gone in Rental to the slavery LANDLORDS, free medical to be butchered, is a uniting factor of absolutist control over denigrated human beings with not much self dignity, as even birds have their free nests...!

UTTERLY FANTASTIC, and what a MONARCHY Accomplishment and that of Parliament...!

A QUEEN WITH EVERYTHING, AND PEASANTS WITH HARDLY NOTHING ! SIMPLY FANTASTIC ! IF it makes sense to you such disparity, please let me know !

...i must add England and the UK is not progressing either, they are on a downward road of worse living, and when will this stop ?

by: peasants_for_ever

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...evolution again, alive and well, and thriving, in more "rusted" minds...!

June 24, 2012, 5:00 pm168 Comments
Evolution and Our Inner Conflict
while pure logic
makes them loose
billions of $ in
wasted academic
time and books

Are human beings intrinsically good but corruptible by the forces of evil, or the reverse, innately sinful yet redeemable by the forces of good? Are we built to pledge our lives to a group, even to the risk of death, or the opposite, built to place ourselves and our families above all else? Scientific evidence, a good part of it accumulated during the past 20 years, suggests that we are all of these things simultaneously. Each of us is inherently complicated. We are all genetic chimeras, at once saints and sinners — not because humanity has failed to reach some foreordained religious or ideological ideal — but because of the way our species originated across millions of years of biological evolution.

    Kin selection alone doesn’t adequately explain our complex natures.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not implying that we are driven by instinct in the manner of animals. Yet in order to understand the human condition, it is necessary to accept that we do have instincts, and will be wise to take into account our very distant ancestors, as far back and in as fine a detail as possible. History is not enough to reach this level of understanding. It stops at the dawn of literacy, where it turns the rest of the story over to the detective work of archaeology; in still deeper time the quest becomes paleontology. For the real human story, history makes no sense without prehistory, and prehistory makes no sense without biology.

Within biology itself, the key to the mystery is the force that lifted pre-human social behavior to the human level. The leading candidate in my judgment is multilevel selection by which hereditary social behavior improves the competitive ability not of just individuals within groups but among groups as a whole. Its consequences can be plainly seen in the caste systems of ants, termites and other social insects. Between-group selection as a force operating in addition to between-individual selection simultaneously is not a new idea in biology. Charles Darwin correctly deduced its role, first in the insects and then in human beings — respectively in “On the Origin of Species” and “The Descent of Man.”
Leif Parsons

Even so, the reader should be warned that the revival of multilevel selection as the principal force of social evolution remains a hotly contested idea. Its opponents believe the principal force to be kin selection: when individuals favor kin (other than offspring), the evolution of altruistic behavior is favored. The loss suffered by the genes of the altruist are compensated by genes in the recipient made identical by common descent of the altruist and recipient. If the altruism thus created is strong enough it can lead to advanced social behavior. This seems plausible, but in 2010 two mathematical biologists, Martin Nowak and Corina Tarnita, and I demonstrated that the mathematical foundations of the kin selection theory are unsound, and that examples from nature thought to support kin selection theory are better explained as products of multilevel selection.

A strong reaction from supporters of kin selection not surprisingly ensued, and soon afterward more than 130 of them famously signed on to protest our replacement of kin selection by multilevel selection, and most emphatically the key role given to group selection. But at no time have our mathematical and empirical arguments been refuted or even seriously challenged. Since that protest, the number of supporters of the multilevel selection approach has grown, to the extent that a similarly long list of signatories could be obtained. But such exercises are futile: science is not advanced by polling. If it were, we would still be releasing phlogiston to burn logs and navigating the sky with geocentric maps.

I am convinced after years of research on the subject that multilevel selection, with a powerful role of group-to-group competition, has forged advanced social behavior — including that of humans, as I documented in my recent book “The Social Conquest of Earth.” In fact, it seems clear that so deeply ingrained are the evolutionary products of group selected behaviors, so completely a part of the human condition, that we are prone to regard them as fixtures of nature, like air and water. They are instead idiosyncratic traits of our species. Among them is the intense, obsessive interest of people in other people, which begins in the first days of life as infants learn particular scents and sounds of the adults around them. Research psychologists have found that all normal humans are geniuses at reading the intentions of others, whereby they evaluate, gossip, proselytize, bond, cooperate and control. Each person, working his way back and forth through his social network, almost continuously reviews past experiences while imagining the consequences of future scenarios.
More From The Stone

Read previous contributions to this series.

A second diagnostic hereditary peculiarity of human behavior is the overpowering instinctual urge to belong to groups in the first place. To be kept in solitude is to be kept in pain, and put on the road to madness. A person’s membership in his group — his tribe — is a large part of his identity. It also confers upon him to some degree or other a sense of superiority. When psychologists selected teams at random from a population of volunteers to compete in simple games, members of each team soon came to think of members of other teams as less able and trustworthy, even when the participants knew they had been selected at random.

All things being equal (fortunately things are seldom equal, not exactly), people prefer to be with others who look like them, speak the same dialect, and hold the same beliefs An amplification of this evidently inborn predisposition leads with frightening ease to racism and religious bigotry.

It might be supposed that the human condition is so distinctive and came so late in the history of life on Earth as to suggest the hand of a divine creator. Yet in a critical sense the human achievement was not unique at all. Biologists have identified about two dozen evolutionary lines in the modern world fauna that attained advanced social life based on some degree of altruistic division of labor. Most arose in the insects. Several were independent origins, in marine shrimp, and three appeared among the mammals, that is, in two African mole rats, and us. All reached this level through the same narrow gateway: solitary individuals, or mated pairs, or small groups of individuals built nests and foraged from the nest for food with which they progressively raised their offspring to maturity.

Until about three million years ago the ancestors of Homo sapiens were mostly vegetarians, and they most likely wandered in groups from site to site where fruit, tubers, and other vegetable food could be harvested. Their brains were only slightly larger than those of modern chimpanzees. By no later than half a million years ago, however, groups of the ancestral species Homo erectus were maintaining campsites with controlled fire — the equivalent of nests — from which they foraged and returned with food, including a substantial portion of meat. Their brain size had increased to midsize, between that of chimpanzees and modern Homo sapiens. The trend appears to have begun one to two million years previously, when the earlier prehuman ancestor Homo habilis turned increasingly to meat in its diet. With groups crowded together at a single site, and an advantage added by cooperative nest building and hunting, social intelligence grew, along with the centers of memory and reasoning in the prefrontal cortex.

Probably at this point, during the habiline period, a conflict ensued between individual-level selection, with individuals competing with other individuals in the same group, versus group-level selection, with competition among groups. The latter force promoted altruism and cooperation among all the group members. It led to group-wide morality and a sense of conscience and honor. The competitor between the two forces can be succinctly expressed as follows: within groups selfish individuals beat altruistic individuals, but groups of altruists beat groups of selfish individuals. Or, risking oversimplification, individual selection promoted sin, while group selection promoted virtue.

So it appeared that humans are forever conflicted by their prehistory of multilevel selection. They are suspended in unstable and constantly changing locations between the two extreme forces that created us. We are unlikely to yield completely to either force as an ideal solution to our social and political turmoil. To yield completely to the instinctual urgings born from individual selection would dissolve society. To surrender to the urgings from group selection would turn us into angelic robots — students of insects call them ants.

The eternal conflict is not God’s test of humanity. It is not a machination of Satan. It is just the way things worked out. It might be the only way in the entire universe that human-level intelligence and social organization can evolve. We will find a way eventually to live with our inborn turmoil, and perhaps find pleasure in viewing it as a primary source of our creativity.

Edward O. Wilson

Edward O. Wilson is Honorary Curator in Entomology and University Research Professor Emeritus, Harvard University. He has received more than 100 awards for his research and writing, including the U. S. National Medal of Science, the Crafoord Prize and two Pulitzer Prizes in non-fiction. His most recent book is “The Social Conquest of Earth.”

...a main problem i have is this "homo-sapiens" author and so famous evolutionist of HARVARD, came with a only way of reproduction, and to this day they have not genetically - engineered another way, other than sperm and eggs...! to make it more pathetic: humans do not know themselves...! how then can they claim they know what Evolution really is or means...!? Pointless I must add, such ignorant Academic does not know really what the claims of Evolution really mean...! so to this day: it is like an ant trying to figure out how it came to be: the ant does not know how to think, nor analyze, and the problem is so big, a giant homo-sapiens stepped on it and flattened it...! meaning to say: probably never will humans find out their own truth...! THAT IS HOW IGNORANT EVOLUTION IS AS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN ANT AND A HUMAN, and this complexity is so vast, it surpasses most minds and even might surpass me and pure logic...!


...will "love" do something for these stupid "American-USA" peasants...?








Will we love the health-care law if it dies? 

By , Published: June 24! 

...30 million stupid un-insured of health are the one that suffer, go broke, and die...! all are not acceptable [to suffer, go broke, and die from health], in a "sane" modern world....!



Sunday, June 24, 2012 the eternal government of canada and the queen e2...! the eternal government of canada and the queen e2...!

...high voltage electricity is not "dangerous"...! your safety and security is guaranteed...!

...some bibleisms for this sunday...!

The magic fruit of ancient tales must be true...!

...My Book: Book of Pure Logic, in Chapter 3 and page 53, clearly declares, that the fruit of "humans" ruin and self caused "curse" to mortality, comes from normally, a non-innocent sexual relationship of pollen (male) with a flowers egg (female), which i am sure was not known by stupid innocent mannequins that the alleged Eve and Adam must have been...!

...obviously the technicality, is not wrong for the afamed University theologians...! as their god does not make mistakes and makes anything from nothing, even a fruit on a tree...!

...for pure logic, the wrong thing is the "morale", of a tree and fruit to cause so much havoc, for anybody else other than eve and adam...! and that normally fruit come from a non-innocent sexual origin in a flower...! and that "insects" normally are the indirect "inseminators"...!


Saturday, June 23, 2012

...a venezuelanism and prophetico...!

sábado, 23 de junio de 2012
Nine years away from home... and counting

Caracas at sunset time

I have been away from home for nine years. It is the longest time I have ever stayed away from my birthplace, Caracas, and from my country. In a way I feel guilty because I do not feel nostalgic, I do not miss my home town and I do not feel the urge to return. Am I a bad Venezuelan, “unpatriotic”, as Hugo Chavez likes to label all the members of the immense Venezuelan diaspora?
Caracas in the morning, nested on the side of the Avila

The way I feel has several reasons.
One is philosophical. It has to do with my sense of being a citizen of the world. We now live in a planet where one almost can have breakfast in Asia, lunch in Europe and dinner in the U.S.  The planet has shrunk, not only due to faster travel but also to the wonders of instant communication. We now know that no country is “special” or “unique”, a belief that many Venezuelans still hold as a religious dogma. I have come to dislike parochialism.

Another one is sentimental. The Venezuela I always loved is no longer in existence. It has been deformed beyond recognition by 14 years of Hugo Chavez in power. It was a Venezuela of wonderful sunsets, smiling faces and an attitude of friendship that cut across social classes and skin colors. I am sure the sunsets, such as the one in Juan Griego, Margarita Island, are still there but the smiling faces and the friendly attitudes have been replaced by hate, death and fear.  Venezuela is now the third most violent country in the world. Since Chavez came into power 160,000 Venezuelans have been killed in the streets of my country. No one is ever brought to justice for these crimes. I do not want to become one more dead body, thrown in the dirty floor of the Caracas morgue. Dying is a very serious matter but dying like an animal, in the streets of Venezuela, with no one being brought to justice for the crime sounds intolerable. How can I return to a Venezuela that I do no longer recognize as the one I loved?

A third reason is political. I refuse to return while the dictator is in power. I do not criticize those who have chosen to stay at home. I admire many of them. But I simply refuse to go back to a country where a bunch of gangsters are in charge. Returning to my country while Chavez is in power would go against the principles I have cherished all my life. I could only do it if some person extremely dear to me needed my presence in Venezuelan soil.

Yet another reason is visceral. From what I can read and see and hear, Caracas and Venezuela are so deteriorated in body and spirit that I simply do not want to return. Sadly, this is a condition that will last for a long time. Venezuela is not going to recover tomorrow or next year or, perhaps in the next decade.  I might as well do what I can for my country from the distance, in the remaining time of my life.

I am not sad. I had a wonderful life in my Venezuela. I know that a new Venezuela will, someday, grow from the ashes. But this will happen in a future to which I do not belong. I believe that this future will have other criteria to define country (patria). Our patria will be Planet Earth. The borders of our current countries will be seen as relics, as museum pieces.

My Venezuela is gone forever. However, her memory is safely kept in my heart, always intact. 

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    Coronel, yo llevo 13 años lejos de Los Altos Mirandinos pero comparto el mismo sentimiento que usted. Venezuela no es la misma y el mundo es mas pequeño. Los atardeceres en el parque agüaro güariquito, mis tardes visitando a papá en la fcia. La Paz, viajes a CCS con mi mamá, chichiriviche. Son memorias de tiempos mas tranquilos y son partes de nuestros corazones.
    Saludos por allá en Virginia- freddy salazar
    23 de junio de 2012 04:13
Anónimo dijo...

    Los atardeceres de Juangriego siguen siendo magníficos, a mi modo de ver gracias a la desértica península de Macanao. De la misma manera que los atardeceres de Barquisimeto se deben en buena medida al desierto de Carora. La naturaleza se empeña en regenerar diariamente sus hermosos vericuetos. Muy a pesar de la destrucción que los venezolanos, actuando como eternos niños, infligen por acción o por omisión al paisaje. Harán falta generaciones para restituir y controlar la calidad del agua, de los efluentes, de la calidad del aire y la disposición de desechos sólidos. Lamentablemente, nuestra generación no verá los resultados. Es imperativo no obstante contribuir con el cambio que debe darse entre los que nos gobiernan. Invito a todos a votar por la única vía posible de cambio: HCR.
    Saludos cordiales,
    23 de junio de 2012 09:49
Gustavo Coronel dijo...

    Un buen par de comentarios: Freddy tiene ya 13 años fuera de su país. ES es un enamorado de la naturaleza. Venezuela cuenta con ellos para renacer como sociedad.
    23 de junio de 2012 10:45
Anónimo dijo...

    Era imigrante de Europa que llegó un año despues de Perez Jimenez y me enamoré de Venezuela instantaneamante. Era impresionante, porque todavía se veia lo bueno de PJ. Casi no había ranchos en la posiblemente más moderna ciudad del mundo en esta epoque, Caracas, comunicandose con la technologicamente mas avanzada autopista del mundo con las hermosas playas desde Catia La Mar hasta Los Caracas.
    Luego terminaron uno de los más preciosas y modernos hoteles del mundo, el Macuto Sheraton, que hasta hoy es mi más preferido en el mundo, me imagino en ruinas desde el desastre de Vargas. Tenía un olor unico, indescriptiblemente agradable, y apenas pienso en el hotel mi cerebro lo "huele".
    Despues donde empiezo? Las elegantes fiestas con los Billos, el Boulevard de Sabana grande y sus lindas mujeres paseando en la noche sin miedo, la gastronomía con restaurantes que no tenian nada que envidiar a ninguna otra metropolis en el mundo, el clima ideal durante todos el año. Y esto es solo Caracas.
    Cuando ví a Cata la primera vez de la carretera antes de bajar, casi lloro de tanta belleza. Los Andes. La vela de Coro. Maracaibo y su carisma especial. Los Llanos. Isla Margarita. Los Tepui y el Salto Angel. Tucacas y incontables lugares bellisimos más. Yo si tengo una nostalgia que me hacen salir las lagrimas. Pensé que si hay un paraíso en la tierra, este es. Y ni siquiere he mencionado esta bella gente con las cuales uno podía hacer amistad instantaneamente. Me iba a quedar y morir en Venezuela. Pero mientras estos gangsteres estan en el poder, no tengo deseo de ir mas. Fui unas 2 veces después del 98, y lo que ví no pude soportar, así que prefiero no ir más y guardar mis recuerdos bellos como era la Venezuela bella. También sé que durante mi vida no volverá la Venezuela bella, gane o no la oposición. El diablo se ha metido y para sacarlo durará generaciones.
    23 de junio de 2012 12:33
Anónimo dijo...

    Si, el Sheraton era un hotelazo... tremendo lugar se idearon en la fachada caribeña del litoral central... hoy ni te acerques por allá.

    Punta del Este y Punta Cana serían nuestros rivales naturales para atraer turistas de todo el mundo si se hubieran hecho las cosas bien en esa zona.
    23 de junio de 2012 17:10
Anónimo dijo...

    Gracias Sr. Coronel.
    Yo no hubiera podido reflejar tan bien mis sentimientos sobre Caracas y Venezuela. Ya tengo un poco mas de 8 años fuera. Un gran abrazo desde Calgary.
    23 de junio de 2012 18:16

Anónimo dijo...

    Comparto sus comentarios de alguien privilegiado. Y reconozco y soy testigo presencial de que los unicos que benefician a chavez son los politicos, unos pocos nuevos y algunos viejos ricos, y mas pobres !

    Pero yo le digo, que yo si le digo que los venezolanos se buscaron lo que tienen. Y yo no disfrute mucho a venezuela, mas bien supe hace poco de todo lo malo que me hicieron.

    Asi que, quisiera tener un sitio tropical a donde ir. pero la droga y el lavado cerebral han pasado a lo peor, y han trapasado fronteras , en el comunismo mental, aun en canada y usa...! el control de lo poco de que eramos libres ! nuestra misma persona !

    es lamentable, pero, cobardes como los generales y todos de la 4ta republica, se merecen, a un mediocre, bruto, y loco, como lo es chavez !
    23 de junio de 2012 19:19

Anónimo Anónimo dijo...

    Aniado de el verbo de agregar:

    ...el camino hacia abajo es lento, y seguro...! y hay quienes no detectan a tiempo, cuando hay que parar el declive...!

    ...venezuela es un ejemplo...!

    ...mis familiares atestiguan, el declive hacia abajo de canada y usa, en 50 anios de el tiempo de 365 dias...!

    23 de junio de 2012 19:27


...the downward road is slow but sure...! and there are those that do not detect it in sufficient enough time...! family is witness of the slow downward decline of canada and usa, in 50 years...!

...things are not getting better, and never will, under their failed economic models, and social classes...!

...will canada get over it and "flaherty"...?

canada economic prophetico...!

...will canada get over 'j'-flaherty...?

Jim Flaherty, mortgage destroyer
By John Robson    ,Parliamentary Bureau

First posted: Saturday, June 23, 2012 08:54 PM EDT | Updated: Saturday, June 23, 2012 09:02 PM EDT


"[[Never. I mean, take his balance sheet … please. The feds currently owe nearly $650 billion on revenue around $270 billion, a scary 240% debt-to-income ratio.

True, their $31-billion interest payments, 11% of total income, are well under the maximum around 32% banks want you devoting to mortgage payments. But when you take out a mortgage you get a house.

Jim Flaherty doesn’t even have a vacant lot to show for his $650-billion national debt, plus huge unfunded liabilities in various social programs and a hole in public pensions understated in ways you should not imitate in discussions with your bank.

So, Comrade Flaherty, if you’re after financial idiots messing up the economy, look in the mirror, not out the window.]]"

...not because of low interest rates, which at the current rates promotes solid housing Bank life and commerce, but because, they run an unsustainable economic model, of the rich over the poor...! and history says: it will finally bite back at them and sooner than later...!

...somebody said: it takes more than a government to brake itself and a country...! it needs the help of the stock markets and the banks...!

...another prophetico on saturday for Iran and the likes...!

Israel ‘will be destroyed’ if it attacks our nuclear program: Iranian general

Marcus George, Reuters  Jun 23, 2012 – 11:04 AM ET | Last Updated: Jun 23, 2012 11:08 AM ET is a common saying: "...famous last words...!"...! countries that can flatten Iran and do not do it, is "sovereignty" and "superiority"...! that is the difference between Iran and the like's, and the O.T.A.N and allies...!

...iran can stay as is for ever as Burma, or any other "ancient absurdity" country that still exist in the World...! but now the population want to live modern times...! it is up to modern times countires to stop all these ancient countries from bothering anymore...! lets give the World a real show...!

...when a bigger population wants progress, they can reccur outside for help...! canadian's zombie population are "mats that all rub and clean their feet on", and do not do much for themselves, and do not believe in helping other countries out of their political problems...! that is why Canada has a Cuban embassy, which has not done much in more than 50 years for cubans...! other than some refugees...! USA does not have a Cuban embassy, and has not done anything for them either...!

...Russia and China, will not interfere, as they neither care much for their own, much less for iran or syria, or anything else...!

...we are all itching to see real power shows and modern progress in the World...!

OR LETS ALL STAY the same for ever, FROM the ancient founding fathers, that only had the bible religion as a guiding moral and ethics and social activities...!


Friday, June 22, 2012

...forced animal feeding, illegal human forced detentions, and forced ingestion or obligated inyection of torture psychotropics...!

California deja de comer foie-gras
A partir del 1 de julio, se convertirá en el primer estado norteamericano que prohíbe consumir y vender este producto
Día 22/06/2012 - 13.47h

California se convertirá el 1 de julio en el primer estado norteamericano que prohíbe el consumo y venta de foie-gras, debido a una ley aprobada hace ocho años y que entrará en vigor sin consenso sobre el proceso más adecuado para el engorde de las aves, única alternativa para evitar la medida.

A partir de esa fecha también será ilegal el comercio de cualquier otro producto derivado de patos y gansos alimentados a la fuerza para producir el paté de hígado graso, una decisión «basada más en las emociones que en la ciencia», según dijo a Efe el salvadoreño Guillermo González, único productor de foie gras en California.

Solo existen otras dos empresas productoras en el país de esta «delicatessen» que, en su versión más elaborada, cuesta unos 60 dólares por libra.

Debido a la aplicación de la ley, su empresa familiar, Sonoma Artisan Foie Gras, se verá obligada a cerrar en los próximos días tras más de 25 años ofreciendo unos productos, según González, «de la más alta calidad» y «con el mayor de los respetos hacia la crianza de los animales».


GMO foods don't need special label, American Medical Assn. says,0,7489455.story


...if you in your human rights "sane mind" , can find any comparison between animal "force feeding ban", and force "human detentions and forced torture psychotropics meds down your throat, or forced injection of the same"...!?   please let me know...! as it is worse than a war time prisoner...!

...TECHNICALLY THE CONSTITUTION OF CANADA HAS BEEN DEROGATED...! They do not know how to run a "sane country"...!

...and americans and probably canadians: your medical association is not concerned with your health...! they need your sick bodies...! to americans and californians, and their crazy cities and citizens, "the death penalty" is an ancient logic extreme: in which a state/government "assassinates legally" another human, and are humans that do not now any better...!

SHAME ON YOU: CANADA and Queen "shit" Elizabeth...! 

Shame on you USA...!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

...usa obama-democrats health care up-date !

Billions of Dollars in Play Over Health Care Law
Published: June 21, 2012

Unless the Supreme Court says otherwise.
By the end of June, the court is expected to decide whether some or all of the Obama administration’s health care law is constitutional. While speculation has focused on how the decision would affect the future of the nation’s health insurance market, little attention has been paid to the tens of billions of dollars in federal money appropriated for a host of other provisions in the law.

...according to ill fated capitalism, human health care is better if private, and making humans worth a health price...!

...for the UK-England, the government pays well all Dr's. to give human rights all medical coverage...!

...only stupid dodo americans, and at least 30million of them [the size of canada], do nothing for themselves...!

...if the government cannot cover the cost, it means they are not government anymore...! they are a failed state for a too big population...!

...only an english dumb peasant has not obtained housing rights for more than 2,000 years...! rather the government finances "landlords" slavists that live off the government anyway...! long ago the dignity of peasants would have been acquired, with oversight of management, etc...! MERELY ANOTHER LONG LASTING TRAIT OF THE HUMAN SLAVERY DENIGRATION, AND BELIEF IN SOCIAL CLASSES, AND SOME HUMANS BEING MORE THAN OTHERS...!

THESE ARE THE "NUTS" THAT HAVE TO DECIDE FOR 30 MILLION AMERICANS: allegedly the supreme court of usa: no, the pockets of the slavists that live off humans, and human health, and a government, that really cares "sh_ t"...!


...if you also have an immigration problem, you also promote it...!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cepal _ UNICEF - United Nations and World's kids...!

To the Eternal Mt. Baker in Washington State USA


...believe it or not, Canada is similar in many ways to China...!

Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei Barred from Court
By Associated Press | June 20, 2012

Read more:

(BEIJING) — Chinese police on Wednesday barred Ai Weiwei from attending the first hearing of a lawsuit brought by his company against Beijing tax authorities and blocked reporters from filming at the courthouse, part of an intimidation campaign aimed at silencing the prominent artist and outspoken government critic.

Ai told reporters Wednesday that police ordered him on Tuesday night to stay inside his courtyard home in northeast Beijing and steer clear of the courts. He said he agreed.

Chinese authorities view Ai as a troublemaker. They detained him for three months last year and his design company was ordered to pay 15 million yuan ($2.4 million) in back taxes and fines.

...similar to Canada, as to me going to court over the Academic establishment of pure logic...!

...i am in a "mental health" meager trouble maker permanent list of the police R.C.M.P....!

...somehow they claim, i am in some kind of house activities limitations...!

...i have been menaced to not go to any University or Academic activities, as also public Court hearings...!

...i have obvious public onslaught by any person showing negativity against my persona...!

...Canada represses by force and "mental health detentions tortures" for any meager issues, as small as a "yell at a neighbor", as if they were kindergarten kids...!

...BELIEVE ME, you can run humans as repressed little kids and comply with statistics of low criminality, at A GREAT COST OF HUMAN RIGHTS...!   They do not know how to do it with education which is deplorable in public Schools, and "Prefecture style hearings", etc...!

...WELL CANADA IS CHINA, as to some justice and new line ideas may be...!

Sunday, June 17, 2012 3rd edition for Canada of Book 1 : Book of Pure Logic, printed in the USA !

ISBN: 978-0-9780523-5-5 - Canada

ISBN-13: 978-1477685075

ISBN-13: 978-1477685099

 3rd edition for Canada of my Book 1: Book of Pure Logic, printed in the USA - ISBN: 978-0-978-05235-5 ...! 

...these are samples from Chapter 12, with not the correct page numbering yet...!
...THE other two covers here on file, are for the - ISBN...!   ISBN-13: 978-1-477-68507-5 and ISBN-13: 978-1-477-68509-9 .

...undoubtedly this more perfect edition with better redaction, with more uniform smaller fonts is easier to "recreate"...!

...all editions will be available on "kindle"...!