Tuesday, May 22, 2012

....they always forget something they never do: Prince Charles did not go to a Food Bank line-up...!

Who said there are hardly no hungry and poor in Toronto...?
Daily Bread Food Bank is a non-profit, charitable organization that is fighting to end hunger in our communities. Every year thousands of people across Toronto rely on food banks. Daily Bread serves these people through neighbourhood food banks and meal programs in over 170 member agencies.

...i respect and recognize the value of the English commonwealth and better living in canada...!
...but what i cannot respect, is the mere existence of poor and homeless, and food banks, when there is no logical reason for this to be...!
...how can a soon wanting to be King of the Commonwealth, eat anything of the level and price of caviar or more costly, stay in a Royal Hotel suite, and have subjects/citizens homeless, poor , and eating scraps of old tin can food...!???
...this senseless and heartless "human" did not visit one "food bank" of Toronto, and he took of his hat to the prayer of a senseless illogical religion of the bible...!
...how can a Royalty believe in peasantry, hardship, suffering, and be so well fed, comfortable, and enjoying the power of wealth and government...!???
...where did this son of a "b _ _ ch...!", remember that he to is also flesh, and does "shit" also...?
...they believe in being possible, such low level style of life...! what else do they believe in doing...?
...obviously Prince Charles is not that humble he wants us all to believe...!

...shame on them and Queen Elizabeth II...!

...WORSE or as worse, shame on the Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and the Premiers...!

...regardless of any criticism, in pure logic, though peasant and poor do not exist, we would at least make a big show of a full super-market line-up give away...!

...the prayer is: "...oh you Royal Prince a King wanton, give us our daily bread...!"