Wednesday, May 9, 2012

...parliament canada and gone "hay-wire"...! proven ! "brainwashing" chemicals...!

...parliament canada and gone "hay-wire"...! proven with them and me ! "brainwashing" airbound chemicals, and regressive thinking and wrong thinking and logic...! secret societies and "bikers"...!

...though influenced partially, i cannot conceive in my mind, that they be influenced completely...!  but when you get one good one and two bigger wrong ones, after a while you wonder what good are they doing...?!

... now without using a little bit of imagination, what is so nice light blue-green color, as the original colors of Ottawa Parliament Government of Canada, is red here, and what is their emergency sewer discharge, with heavy rains, and so much flat land, is the River...!

...will Canada or NASA retrieve the robotic arm, or crash land it with the ISS when it goes finally out of service ???

...a robotic arm flying over Parliament "Hill" - plateau , is  a more sophisticated way to illustrate the ways and means many things have been done there and in Canada, and of the "ones that pull the strings" on the puppet of Ottawa Parliament and Government Canada ...!

...The "Peace Tower" and Clock is by no means any "peace" for anybody, but testimony of what upside down means, in this case number 6 in roman numerals without an "X I" but with a similar to "X"...! And the spiral way of putting the numbers from 12 to 11, means a "spiraling mind" of a few steps progress and then more backwards", in a downwards road and not exactly upwards...!  Sideways numbers like III or IX are the "tee-bone 'stakes' ..." and not precisely stakes but "tee-bone crashes, well strapped into your seats...!

...THE 6 POINT STAR OF DAVID, means that the Jews must have invented the time  as we have been taught it: 6, 12, 24...! That analphabets do not know roman numerals nor do most peasants...!

...Insects are from the secret meaning of IN-SECTS OF RELIGIOUS SECRET SECTS...! And any other word roots...!

...THE PRAYING [ preying] mantis, is the supposed to be substitute for "insecticide" of the agriculture of this great Nation, that provides for other places in the World, and has used clothes stores and food banks of mostly out of date canned food for the poor and peasants...!

...the robotic arm, does not mean the Government of Canada and its people and civil society, are industrious and provide plenty of work for all, rather that 8Million are unemployed and their minds rusting of the 33million...! And rusting minds is the modern industry of mental health practitioners, that also live off human shame and pain...!

... WELL THEIR STORY IS ENDLESS TYPICAL OF ENGLISH COUNTRIES: all covered up and all nice and apparently clean and silent...! A quietness that spells really a hell of a place...! They all have somewhere to live renting to the rich Land-Lords, and little proper food, amazingly free health medical care, no dental care after 18 years old, from minimum scarce Government support. Or the others are superior and have work, or are on EMployment Insurance, from some job of some Co. that closed, or if they go fired for some reason or other...! MIND YOU THIS IS accepted as normal, and believed to be how it is supposed to be. Only the lucky always have work to their retirements...! THE PRIMORDIAL EXAMPLE OF THIS, that have their lives solved,  IS THE QUEEN AND OTHERS OF GOVERNMENT...!

...MANY OTHER THINGS HAPPEN way inside any real bad statistics...!


...That not all is that bad. Canada is supposed to be good country to live in, to which many immigrants come to better their lives...! And that Roman numerals declares also that though English Westminster Laws abide, Roman written laws are also for the Justice of the Citizens...! Amazingly the crime rate is very low, and most homes have little security, and you do feel quire safe at most all hours in and around the country...! Only that their "missing persons rate" is bigger than the homicide rate of Venezuela...! And I swear you hardly hear about it, as journalism is quite informative...!

...ANYWAY, I AM FROM BLOOD LINE Canadian of 3 generations, and all know that things were not this bad...! Always trust a Canadian, even if it is in paper, I assure you, Courts cost too much, or are too packed for a provision of "mercy-mersi [economic lack, hardship = stress, degradation]" funding for your case...!Allegedly it is defined in the English legal lingo !

...PLEASE see Parliament Canada on "cpac tv" online of your 'service provider', and unless you are studying something, you soon will become too tired to see anymore, much ever again...!

...Long live freedom of speech, as I would feel a slave of some sort if I had to worry about what I said, even to my wife...! We jokingly get back to a pardon and forgive me...! Always remember Canadians do not forget as we have learned that "Red Indians" used to or don't...! THE WITCH HUNT IS STILL ON...!