Monday, May 21, 2012 many more want the destruction of israel...?

El jefe militar de Irán reitera su compromiso con la total aniquilación de Israel
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El jefe del Estado Mayor de las Fuerzas Armadas de Irán, general Hasan Firuzabadi, dijo hoy que la nación iraní "sigue comprometida con la total aniquilación del régimen sionista (Israel)", informó la agencia local, Fars. En una reunión militar en Teherán, Firuzabadi afirmó que "las amenazas y presiones no disuadirán a Irán de mantener sus causas e ideales revolucionarios" y señaló que el mundo debe "comprender la amenaza y el peligro que supone el régimen sionista".

Headquarters: We will not renounce our aims until Israel is “razed to the ground”
Monday, 21 May 2012!prettyPhoto

Major-Gen Seyyed Hasan Firuzabadi, Chief of the General Command Headquarters of the Iranian Military Forces, has said that Israel poses a threat to all nations,

    All nations should feel the danger and threat that the Zionist Regime poses to them. Iran will not give up its goal until Israel is razed to the ground.

At the First Conference for Developing Imam Khamenei’s Defense Doctrine, organized by the Political Ideology Department of the Ministry of Defense, and in the presence of senior military leaders, and scientists and scholars researchers from Malek-Ashtar University of Technology, Firuzabadi said that the Supreme Leader’s defense doctrine is based on a divine idea. It is a reservoir of political, strategic, tactical and operational ideas that, if followed correctly, will lead to stability and security. This doctrine is based on a series of positive and negative principles that protect Iran against the conventional and soft warfare waged by its enemies. The doctrine encapsulates the complete Islamic principles and characteristics for knowing the enemy that emerge from the anti-imperialism doctrine of Imam Khamenei school. The struggle against imperialism, defense of the goals and aspirations of Palestine, warning against the dangers posed by the Zionist Regime, creating a line of defense, bolstering fighters’ morale, and the sacred blend of victory and martyrdom, defense and holy war (jihad) for fulfilling our task require paying attention to the means of war, developing science and strengthening defensive capabilities for both conventional and soft warfare. These are all part of Khamenei’s command doctrine. Firuzabadi particularly stressed that defending the goals and aspirations of Palestine while totally rejecting of any type of conciliation is one of the most important principles of the Khamenei doctrine. The Imam considered defending Palestine a substantive obligation and declared that any other sovereign over Palestinian land must be considered an occupying force. The Iranian people will uphold the principle of destroying the Zionist regime to the very end.

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...hussein of irak, used to menace the destruction of israel too...! many more want israel's destruction...??? !