Thursday, May 3, 2012 censure and muslim TURKEY...! I BLASPHEME all who censure or have crappy logic and most all Religions and Evolution...!

Well, well, Muslim Turkey...!
Breaking News : First YouTube now Google being banned in Turkey

YouTube was banned in the country after several complaints by users after video’s insulting Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, which is an offence in the country were uploaded on the popular Video Sharing Website.

However, protesters of the decision are saying it is up to the people if they decide to watch such content or not. Many people in Turkey have already protested Internet Censorship and Freedom of Speech

Many Internet users had tackled the ban of YouTube by changing their DNS numbers or by using software that cracks the inaccessibility, but journalists and freedom of speech supporters are urging people to protest the ban’s rather than finding alternative ways to access banned sites.

Google services which are operating slowly or being banned by TIB

...this seems to be what is going to happen or is being tried to make happen even in USA and Canada...!
This has no copyright reasons...!

...particularly i care shit who founded what shit country, and blaspheme any of them, including George Washington and Simon Bolivar, and the alive Queen Elizabeth 2 and i especially blaspheme the Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his mind and brains...!
...AND ABOVE ALL I BLASPHEME AND GIVE ALL THE HATE SPEECH I CAN GIVE TO THE SHIT BASTARD JESUS-CHRIST, AND THE SHIT BIBLE...! I BLASPHEME THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND METHODISTS AND ANGLICANS, AND ALL CRAP RELIGIONS...! is certain that they have censured in silence my book even here in north america...! just see their reaction to me or my book...! the bible is not holly nor sacred: it is an obscene offense to any common sense as is evolution...!