Monday, May 21, 2012

...did you know that North America has "mandrill's"...?

To the "mandrills" of Government Canada, Ottawa...!
And all a "mandrill [baboon - drill]" may mean...!
The mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx)

Water Depletion
Oil sands plants typically use two to four barrels of water to extract a barrel of oil from the tar sands, but some extraction methods can use as much as 7 barrels of water. The amount of water needed for the tar sands is seriously lowering the water levels of the Athabasca River, the Mackenzie Valley watershed and other related water sources in the region.

...the ignorance of a "mandrill" in all it's colors splendor, is as the willful ignorance of World governments, usage of oxygen, production of CO2, and wildlife habitat and jungles destruction, with depletion of fresh water sources...!

...will these government "nuts" 'mandrill's' start draining the Oceans dry too, some near future...???