Saturday, May 12, 2012

...'contra' todos los prognosticos [solo - a.i._i.a.]!

GOBIERNO | Proecedente de Cuba
Chávez vuelve a Venezuela tras 11 días ausente y afirma que ha concluido la radioterapia

...against all "prognostics"...! chavez back looking better...!

...not that i can comparatively declare he be as bad as a "weed"...! certainly he sure has been tough as a weed to face all he has had to face, having started with so much idealism against the old minds movements still in big numbers...!

...venezuela has always gotten rid of its good dictators that were very oppressive against opposers but did marvelous things and there was great peace in venezuela...! but to get rid of a chavez that has not given criminality peace, though much social help, but criticized for as bad government corruption thefts...! and in too many "black books" list...! i doo not know, what will happen...! does anybody...???

...simple observations from a migrated half-breed venezuelan...!