Thursday, April 19, 2012

...pope addresses "nuns" of u.s.a. !

pope addresses

Vatican orders crackdown on American nuns
By David Gibson, Religion News Service
Updated 18h 27m ago

WASHINGTON – The Vatican has launched a crackdown on the umbrella group that represents most of America's 55,000 Catholic nuns, saying that the group was not speaking out strongly enough against gay marriage, abortion and women's ordination.

...a city and country inside ITALY...!
Vatican and Catholic Church, only have relevance because of their money, assets, presence, and some social benefits and activities ! OTHERWISE THEY ARE "DINOSAURS" OF THOUGHT AND BELIEFS...!
...the eternal "inquisitionists"...! and anything else is a "cult"; "pagan"; "blasphemy"; "APOSTATE"; "condemned to eternal inferno - no sorry a last chance in the "PURGATORY""...! NOT MARRIED TO THE CHURCH ! nothing else is true or logic !

...impeed [ impede] ; XVI [VI] ; addresses [ad-dresses]...!