Sunday, April 1, 2012

Undoubtedly "worse than feckless"...! and so far "quite standard procedure...!"...!

Undoubtedly "worse than feckless"...!
Syria: The evil results of doing good
The Annan Plan is 'worse than feckless', because it buys the Assad regime time and precludes more effective options.

"...we also know that his instincts, however noble, have sometimes served him badly. That was true in Rwanda, when Annan's forbearance provided evil men with an opportunity they should not have had. It was also occasionally true at the UN, where the corrupt and the abusive sometimes found sanctuary in the nurturing environment of the then-Secretary General's tolerant understanding. And now, once again, we see Kofi Annan on a world stage, following, as usual, his noble instincts."

...and according to the latest modern times statistics, since World War I, evil has never won a real War...! And that all dictators of the Arabs and small countries, have been done with someway, ...!
...Kofi Annan has a job, which already shows its ways of being as Rwanda, etc...! For more civilians deaths...!

...WHAT IS TO BE MORE INTERESTING, IS IF SYRIA AND IRAN, are going down the same road, as Irak, Afganistan, Egypt, Lybia, etc...!
...we all know that because of the World views of Syria and what they are, that Assad will be gone sooner or later...! What a jerk ! Why ? Because the E.U., United Nations, England and U.S.A., have already doomed him, as all steps have happened for this...!

as to the taliban areas of influence, they are causing that dreaded aftermath...!

for egypt and lybia, all we expect is that they do not become a orthodox muslim religious repeat states similar to iran...!

saudi arabia has gone, unscathed for now...!

if chavez goes with no successful successor, venezuela might have problems, and the first south america civil unrest after the last one they had there, JUST BEFORE chavez...!

NOW AS TO IRAN, it could be easy, or not much more difficult...! Or could it become worse ? That is to be seen !