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...the top 10 alleged conspiracies...!

"The Robert F. Kennedy Assassination", by Prof. Philip Melanson
S.P.I. Books, ISBN 1-56171-324-4

lest we forget, and not of jesus...!

Top 10 Conspiracy Theories

---------1. September 11th Conspiracy

The September 11th attack on the United States was one of the most devastating acts of terrorism to occur on American soil in the history of the country. However, there is considerable evidence that this action may have, in fact, been perpetrated by the U.S. government as a way to increase government spending, strip civil liberties and actively start wars. The following list is a compilation of circumstances that are impossible to overlook:

• Iraq Liberation Act 1998 was signed into law by President Bill Clinton denoting the need to remove Saddam Hussein from power.

• Unocal Oil Company stated that American intervention was needed so an oil pipeline could be constructed in Afghanistan ( 10/5/1998 Washington Post)

• PNAC (Project for a New American Century) issues document calling for the need of a new “Pearl Harbor” so that military expansion will be received by the public (Rebuilding America’s Defenses 2000 pg 51)

• Pentagon officials cancelled all flights that were scheduled on 9/11 on September 10th (Newsweek 9/24/2001)

• FEMA shows up in New York on September 10th and sets up a triage center (9/11 Commission)

• U.S. shuts down several Muslim based websites on September 10th (Guardian 9/10/01)

• Not one hijacker is listed on any passenger manifest for the planes (9/11 Commission)

• Osama bin Laden issues a statement on morning of 9/11 stating that he did not have anything to do with the attack and that Americans should look within their own government (reported on CNN live) later, government officials claim that a “tape” was received stating that bin Laden claimed responsibility.

---------2. Area 51 Conspiracy

UFO enthusiasts know that Area 51 in Roswell, New Mexico is the birthplace of alien theories. Many people believe that the government did recover alien aircraft in July 1947 and that they are hiding the evidence, even now, in Area 51

• Area 51 is considered a top secret facility, so much so that the government denied its existence until the 1980’2 when a Russian spy satellite captured pictures of the base and made them available world wide.

• As recently as 2005, the President renewed the Top Secret classification on any documents pertaining to Roswell and activities that occur on the base since 1947

• Employees that work at Area 51 are flown to work each day via unmarked Boeing 747. Employees must enter and exit area in this manner only

• President G.W. Bush signs into law that the area surrounding Area 51 is not subject to the restrictions of the EPA

• Majestic 12 (MJ 12) group is formed by President Truman to explore the ramifications of an alien encounter. Some documents that have surfaced include “proper etiquette when meeting an Alien”

• Canadian researcher in 1980 discovers Canadian documents referring to MJ12

• Most witnesses to the Roswell crash were systematically discredited by the government, others disappear.

• Unique technology develops in Area 51, such as Kevlar material, stealth technology and magnetic weaponry. This technology is found nowhere else

• Recent release of FBI files indicate that government actively investigated the crash site for alien connection until FBI was told to stand down (The Vault: FBI Files)

---------3. JFK Assassination Conspiracy

When John F. Kennedy was assassinated the world fell silent. Many believed that Kennedy was the hope for a new future, a future that was just and right. Many people believe that Oswald was a communist sympathizer that was retaliating against The Cuban Missile Crisis; others believe it was the U.S. government that had him killed because he was making too many “waves” within the establishment.

• Assassination plot exposed by former Secret Service Agent that was set for November 2, 1963 in Chicago, government implicated. President Kennedy was suppose to attend parade there and cancelled due to a “cold” that morning (ABC News Nov 23, 2007)

• John F. Kennedy questions the authority of the IRS, deems that the office is unlawful and should be disbanded. (Presidential memo November 1963) Many believe IRS had Kennedy killed to stop disbandment of IRS. (Note: The only other president to address problems with the IRS was Richard M. Nixon 25 days before Watergate happened)

• Another theory states that Kennedy’s lack of ambition into entering into a full scale war with North Vietnam led many people to want him out of office. The Vice President, Lyndon B. Johnson was very pro Vietnam War and had many powerful connections

• A third theory is that the failed invasion of Cuba led many government officials to want Kennedy out so that a new “Communist Crisis” could begin and war spending could increase

• A final theory was that the President would not “rein in” his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, who was actively going after the mafia and unions. Unions, being one of the largest political contributors were very opposed to these investigations.

---------4. Global Warming Conspiracy

Global warming has been in the news for the last decade. Many believe that the government is actively denying the claims that the Earth is suffering climate change because it will affect profits of large corporations. There is much scientific evidence to prove that global warming is indeed true:

• Temperatures around the globe have significantly increased over the last fifty years (NOAA in research paper, posted on NOAA website)

• Glacial ice retreating at extreme rates all over the world (National Glacier Studies 2000)

• Oceans rise by 6.7 inches in last decade (Geophysical Research Letters written by J.A. Church 2006)

• Ocean temperature has increased by 3 degrees in last 20 years ( Global Ocean Heat Content 2009)

• Arctic Ice is decreasing in thickness and size (National Glacier Studies)

• Emissions from factories and automobiles directly linked with increased ozone deterioration. (NASA)

• Record storms appearing all over the world, with several Category 5 hurricanes in the Atlantic and Typhoons in the Pacific occurring in the last few years. (Heat helps intensify the strength of these storms ) (NOAA)

• Polar bear and other Arctic animal populations dwindling from loss of habitat space and food supply

---------5. Apollo Moon Landing Conspiracy

Many people believe that the Apollo moon missions were faked. Photographs that appear tampered with, lost data sheets from the missions and an abrupt stop to the program when Russia gained the ability to track deep space craft in 1972 led many to believe the missions were faked. Some other coincidences include:

• The United States need to look superior in the space race against Russia during the Cold War

• Landing was faked to improve public moral as a “Fulfillment of President Kennedy’s Ambition” and to cover up over 30 billion dollars of expenditures to NASA

• There were never any stars showing in the background of any photographs taken by the astronauts

• Many photographs have identical backgrounds, even though they are reputed to have been taken miles apart

• The flag placed on the move appears to be fluttering, but there is no surface air on the moon

• The moon-lander left absolutely no impression in the surface of the moon, created no dust piles or left an imprint regardless of its 17ton weight. However, footprints made by astronauts walking on the moon are there permanently

• All moon landings occurred during the Nixon administration. No other president since has sent anyone to the moon, even though 40 years of advanced technology would make it easier, and less expensive

• All blueprints for the machinery used in the moon missions are missing. Telemetry records are missing and original video of the first moon walk is missing.

---------6. New World Order Conspiracy

It is the belief of many that there is a shadow government that runs the world. Belief in the New World Order is something that is not taken lightly, especially in recent years when more and more politicians begin to use the phrase within their speeches. Many believe that the New World order is run by the Bilderberg Group, a secretive group that meets once a year to discuss world financial matters. Others believe that the Illuminati, an age old secret society run the world from behind closed doors. There is much proof that the New World Order does exists.

• Winston Churchill in a speech after the end of World War II exclaims “Welcome to the New World Order.” Churchill is believed to be a member of the Illuminati

• George H.W. Bush, in a speech dated September 11, 1990 states that we should all work toward a New World Order

• Presidential hopefuls that are invited to the Bilderberg meeting prior to the election year are always elected, despite presumed lagging in the polls

• The Committee of 300 is established and publishes “21 Goals to the New World Order” some of the goals include

o Outcome based education so that public schools fail to properly educate creating subservient masses

o Support of fringe groups like the Muslim Brotherhood to encourage chaos and the “need” for a one world government

o Assigning more control to the United Nations so individual governments are always over shadowed

o Creating a one world monetary fund by causing a world wide economic collapse and high unemployment

o Destroy all forms of national pride by promoting inequality and economic warfare

**It should be noted the Committee of 300 published these rules in 1993

---------7. Jesus Marriage Conspiracy

Many people believe that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. There is considerable proof for this assumption. It is the belief of many that the marriage is being concealed so that the bloodline of Christ remains hidden and does not interfere with the goals of the Christian church.

• The Coptic Church of Egypt, a Christian Church, claims to have documents from Jesus’ childhood in Egypt, including his marriage certificate to Mary

• It is against Jewish law for an unmarried man to hold the title of Rabbi

• The Gospel of Thomas reveals Mary as the one Jesus loves the most

• The Gospel of Mary Magdalene reveals prophesy that was given to her from Jesus as his companion

• All of the last names are erased from the Bible in the direct line of Jesus. Apostles and others listed throughout the Old and New Testament all have last names or associations, except Jesus and his direct family

• The Knights Templar were said to have found the bloodline papers in the ruins of the Temple of Solomon, leading to their Friday the 13th assassination

• Jewish records dating back 500 years still remain documenting the bloodlines of Jewish families, except that of Jesus

• The wedding described in the New Testament was probably the celebration of his wedding. This accounts for Mary, mother of Jesus catering the wedding and worrying about the wine. Jewish tradition dictates that the parents of the groom were responsible for the wedding, not anyone else.

--------8. Princess Diana Conspiracy

When Princess Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris the entire world mourned. However, there are many odd facts surrounding the death that lead people to believe that the car accident was indeed staged.

• Prince Charles, as head of the Church of England could not legally remarry and hold the throne if Diana remained alive. The church does not recognize divorce and he is only free to remarry if he is a widower.

• Speculations that Diana was pregnant by Dodi Fayed created many problems for the Royal family. Diana, as mother to the Heir could not produce an illegitimate child.

• Diana was revealing too many details about the private lives of the Royals, leaving the Royal family no other option but to rid themselves of the problem

• The driver of the car was beyond the legal limit to be considered drunk, but no one recalls him drinking

• Diana was thought to be engaged to Dodi Fayed, a well known playboy and the Royal family did not want the children exposed to this type of life style

• It was in the best interest of England to get rid of Diana since public opinion from the divorce was against the Royal family. They believe that with her gone; Charles would step up as the grieving and wonderful father figure.

---------9. Pearl Harbor Conspiracy

The Freedom of Information Act has made many documents surrounding the attack on Pearl Harbor available for the first time since the tragic event. Surprising to many, the event is shrouded with evidence suggesting that the federal government knew of the impending attack and allowed it to happen so the United States could enter WWII gracefully.

• U.S. Government had ability to decode Japanese coded transmissions as early as 1940, however Pearl Harbor never received any equipment to do so, even when every other military installation had the capabilities

• Japanese foreign minister warned the U.S. government to make negotiations before November 29 or “things will follow.”

• Naval seaman intercepted Japanese transmissions on the morning of the attack and sent word to White House which in turn did not respond

• All the new battleships were pulled out of Pearl Harbor during a one month period prior to attack, to be replaced with the aging boats in the fleet

• America was just beginning to prosper again after the decade long depression and Americans were not willingly going to enter a war unless a “triggering event” happened. Thus, Pearl Harbor gave FDR the go ahead to enter the war

---------10. 2004 Bush Election Conspiracy

There are many theories why the Bush/Gore election was a sham. Some of the most compelling evidence resides in two facts: 1. The election was finally decided in the state that was governed by Jeb Bush, brother to George, and 2. George Bush needed to be in office to continue with New World Order plans to conquer the Middle East

• Katherine Harris, who oversaw the election process in Florida has been investigated for denying nearly 90,000 people the ability to vote in the Bush/Gore election due to “conflicting names on a felon database”

• Jeb Bush announces that there is “no way possible” George could loose Florida

• Government officials that were used to count mail in ballots were systematically screened for their political preference

• After having Bill Clinton sign the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 the government needed a republican in office to enforce and/or start a war in the Middle East

• Bush was chosen by the Bilderberg Group in 1999 and the New World Order was not going to allow him to loose the election.

• Bush is announced as the winner in Florida on Fox News nearly 30 minutes before the official release has been issued by the Department of Elections.


...just thought you all might be interested to tickle your brains with these other assassinations, and alleged conspiracies...! the logic mainly is quite top notch...!

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