Tuesday, April 3, 2012

...to the bank of canada and world banks...! you are thieves...!

MARK CARNEY, so far not doing what all the thieves are waiting for...!

David Dodge, condecorated by the Gov. Gen. [who is one of their "class"], for braking around 50% of Canadians since the 1980's or soon after...!

And Banks of the World


...liquidity and inflation is a "hoax and bogus" used by the rich to foreclosure on the poor housing, to make more landlords more rich...!

...here are the proofs of "gruesome usury", auspiciated by the government of canada, in no proven interest to house its poor, peasants and middle classes...! rather they make them...!

...bye bye banks whenever you want to...! [white collar thieves] and the bank of canada your social debt is shameful and you are also [thieves] in your own ancient scheme of the rich slavery over the rest of us...!