Thursday, April 19, 2012

...b.c. - BC british columbia before christ logic...!

Metro Vancouver residents fear transit fare hike will lead to more cheating
By Kelly Sinoski, Vancouver Sun April 9, 2012
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METRO VANCOUVER -- Most Metro Vancouver residents are against a 12.5-per-cent boost in transit fares for 2013, arguing the move will force more people to drive or become fare evaders, according to a preliminary analysis by TransLink's commissioner.

Canada Line SkyTrain problems should be fixed by Tuesday morning: TransLink
By Andrea Woo, Vancouver Sun April 16, 2012

VANCOUVER – A “communication problem” that backlogged the Canada Line throughout its system on Monday is expected to be repaired by the Tuesday morning rush hour, says TransLink.

The SkyTrain skipped the Olympic Village station inbound (into downtown) throughout the day and the disruption was expected to continue until the end of the service day, said TransLink spokesman Drew Snider.


...a "modern" city, with very 'well' behaved citizens... ! else so-pena of...! you can find worse behaved "kinder-garden" kids...! can find some real screwed up logic by governments of cities, etc...!  you wonder sometimes if they have ever been anywhere else in the World !!!, and what their rules are inbred constants of no "reasoning" or of anything better...! 

...I SOMETIMES WONDER IF THEY KNOW WORLD "HISTORY" AND what it is to be isolated or lost in time and history...!