Wednesday, April 11, 2012

...lunar "probe" for 2017..!

Lunar Roving Vehicle
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This article is about the Apollo rovers. For the Soviet robotic rovers, see Lunokhod program. For the planned Chinese robotic rover, see Chang'e 3.

The Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) or lunar rover was a battery-powered four-wheeled rover used on the Moon in the last three missions of the American Apollo program (15, 16, and 17) during 1971 and 1972. It was popularly known as the moon buggy, a play on the phrase "dune buggy".

The LRV was transported to the Moon on the Apollo Lunar Module (LM) and, once unpacked on the surface, could carry one or two astronauts, their equipment, and lunar samples.

...the rover of the "moon", is amazingly "big"...!
...the claim it has been photographed on the "moon", is amazing, as the photo is "so small"...!

...IN 2017 RUSSIA WILL BREAK THE "SILENCE" OF THE HOAX...! You bet yah...!

...if you only send a "lunar probe" and not a rover, or manned mission to the Moon, or never have gone back, most likely men have never set foot on the moon...!

...if Russia did not "blow the silence of the failed moon landings of nasa, or the reasons" during the "cold war", the "cold war was a "hoax", or the Russians are "dumb"...!

...a photo sometimes is worth more than a "thousand" words...!