Sunday, April 1, 2012

...the knitty gritty of Evolution clearly declared: "...has not been proven yet...!"

Elliot Sober's two Books a must read for analysis in my Book 2...!
Unless you prefer to only read a '...priori..' by many means and ways my Book 2 !

..."the knitty gritty" of Evoltion clearly declared: "...has not been proven yet...!"
Check it out why by merely one page of one of these books of Elliot Sober...!

Book 1 of Eliot Sober

Book 2 of Elliot Sober

...these are another of the few core issue basic books that prove my Book 1 of Pure Logic and are further fundamental my Book2 ...!

...and basicly for the ancient "childish minded" and "the slavist mentality control of the masses of poor humans"...! IN POLITICS EVOLUTION, DESENTIVISES MOST HUMANS TO THE FALSE HOPE OF RELIGIONS AND A RETURN OF A JESUS-MESIAS OR OF THEIR GOD...!

WHAT BETTER, than to make Academia, a false logic Evolution, that inferior logic cannot disprove, under their fear of mass suicides and wars, because Evolution claims we are but mere mater...! Upssss, that is a understatement or overstatement...! Please wait for Book 2 of Pure Logic...!

Check it out on page 70 of the mentioned Book 1 of Elliot Sober. "...there is no evidence-forensics of non-life formation of life...! Jack-asses...! And furthermore my Book clearly proves the logic why !!!

Heaven is here, and they do not want to give it to you...! YOU DUMB ASSHOLES-peasants and poor of the World...!