Tuesday, April 3, 2012

...John F. Kenedy [J.F.K.] and a very accurate truth...!

isbn: 978-1-60239-731-6

I have never understood other Counties and Canada, as to books being written of anything bad from the top of government down. U.S.A. uses the contrary of keeping things quiet for some time !
This book of L. Fletcher Prouty, being a government staff, is admirable, and he did not get killed for it ! Amazing !

As to J.F.K. and other reasons of 'such' "asasination" than that he mentioned eliminating the C.I.A. I would infer that to be a Catholic [who were inquisitionists] in a protestant U.S.A. must have been a ignorance of his part...!
These days they go as Ted Kennedy, Liberal - Independant: Chuck Cadman, NDP - JAck Layton, etc..., via sistemic laboratory produced killing [technical assasinations] health issues, including Cancer !

If you want to really know and analyse things, you must read this Book, as the data presented is very "convincing"...! A bullet head on from the front in the face, just happened to a woman politician in the U.S.A. ! Only that J.F.K. was from a trained to not miss from close high powered rifle of some sort !
Long live democracy and the new way of "assassinations"...! Since one of the biggest "magnicides" of modern times in 1963, that is more than 40 years ago.

Now what I think is that, freedom of press and publishing, is fantastic, and adds to the drama...! What is boring is a complete coverup...!
Of course nobody wants to die anyway, nor need to, to be moved from office or displaced ! Why not we all conform ourselves with the movies instead !


...this book confirms evidence, green mound witnesses , and the coverup by autopsy reports, government investigation commission, etc...!
...hell you let a man like Kennedy make it all the way, and then you "eliminate", kill by a sickness, or in-utilize...! IT IS WORSE IF YOU DO IT TO BETTER MEN...!


inquisition sometimes goes unscathed over time, as culpability gets old...!
what is done as justice of some kind secretly, will get back at you...!