Saturday, April 21, 2012

...her Majesty's diamond jubilee...! [retirement...!]

Queen Elizabeth II
Your Majesty

My congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee, and
longevity. Many social accomplishments and
improvements have occurred in the Commonwealth,
under your reign. As also deplorable atrocities
against the basic humans inalienable rights and
those of self defense, acquired over at least
2,000 years.

The high cost and price of Justice Courts has gone
too high, and the judgments have gone back in time
to psychological and medication torture for meager
problems, as sadly "prefectures" or cheap courts
are not known to the English !

What is worse is that I do not criticize in the
least a Monarchy, nor the positive progresses of
the Commonwealth, but rather the retrograde
decline of justice and society, in comparison to
more advanced ways of "humaneness" and of Nordic
European Countries ! Hence in contrast to your
royalty, your peasantry "stick out like a fly in
the ointment", and are not a very intelligent
consequence ! 

Happy Jubilee year,