Monday, April 16, 2012

...cartoon of the day from uk !

...very true ! the rich need those peasants to foreclosure more and live off more poor bastards...! and they also need all those ignorant "suckers" of the stock markets and worse "mutual funds" to play against un-fairly ! they know who is in the game and what they are doing...!

the! what a cartoon !

washington post ! what a pack of cartoons !

And do not forget WEIS[weil]...!

why not a surplus with a bit of "water - H2O"...!

THE MOST ABSURD THING TO STUDY ALSO : PhD in Economy...! It is as Bad or even WOrse than to study to be a PhD in some branch of "Evolution"...!

...why does the government need your taxes for ? if they make the money ?
[1] to keep the rich humble and participative and philanthropic...!
[2] to make the middle class for ever middle class !
[3] to never really help much the peasants !
[4] and to get some of their own money, as the own everything anyway ! as property tax means you can loose your property !

...have yo ever had a "dexterity" slump ? they even do that too to you !

...why americans are different from canadians ? 30million americans can go broke over a health issue ! that does influence the sub-conscious mind ! in 7 years a genocide has occurred of over 130,000 deaths from non medical coverage ! capitalism = money is worth more than a human "persona"...!