Wednesday, March 21, 2012

...the monster IRAN or the hoax scare crow...!

IRAN - and all that is or could be involved by a Jew hit on them...!

If Israel bombs Iran: Forecasting the next 24 hours
By D.B. Grady | The Week – Mon, Mar 19, 2012

Absent total war, the day after an Israeli attack on Iran would see a flurry of conventional spycraft, cyber snooping, and frantic diplomacy

No sane person would wish for a unilateral Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities — but nor would a sane person wish for a nuclear Iran. Because of the number of potential targets in Iran, and the distance between them, a successful bombing operation would be transcendently difficult, if not impossible. But if intelligence suggested an impending, existential threat to Israel, it's easy to imagine F-15I fighter jets planting GBU-28 bunker-busters in Iranian nuclear sites from the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf. And if that happens, the real question becomes, what next?

...WHAT NEXT...? what next...? The aftermath after an Israel war attack on Iran...!

...No other attack by Israel or the United Nations or North Atlantic coalition has had much of an aftermath...! Nor did the North Korean War...!
...Nor Irak, nor Afghanistan, nor Libya...!
...HOW MUCH OF IRAN DO YOU HAVE TO DESTROY, AND HAVE THE HELP OF THE COALITION OF THE GOOD, so that no aftermath occurs of damage to Israel or anywhere else...!
...this article of yahoo, is quite enlightening, and all that is being built...!

...if israel does not have sufficient missile defenses like the "Arrows I,II, etc", why risk a solo attack on IRAN...?
...i think this time, Israel and the World are not going to have it as easy with IRAN. I think an invasion of Iran is more complicated than the one to Irak...! but again iran could be a big hoax...! added disadvantage of Iran, is that they are starving, and are buying U.S.A. wheat ! Insane if they think they are going to War...!

THE GENERAL ADVANTAGE for us of the most good countries, is that these "rouge" countries are generally not very intelligent ...!

Lets see if Israel really sticks their feet right into the mud, or if Iran is not really a threat or danger...!