Tuesday, March 20, 2012

...amazing but true...! english and other countries give 100% free for any medical to their peasants...!

Diamond Jubilee: Queen rededicates herself to UK

The Queen has said she is rededicating herself to the service of the UK and its people as she celebrates her Diamond Jubilee.

In a speech to both Houses of Parliament, she said the commemoration of her 60 years on the throne was a chance "to come together in a spirit of neighbourliness and celebration".

The Queen also praised Prince Philip for his "constant strength".

...inspite of the monarchy's constant peasant population and logic of no property housing for them, these peasants enjoy any medical attention...!
...some congrats to her majesty and the uk monarchy...!


Zakaria: Private health insurance is not efficient
By Fareed Zakaria, CNN

At King's College Hospital in London, Dr. Nigel Heaton performs a liver transplant surgery - with a live donor. A young man is giving part of his liver to his younger brother. The liver is cut in half, with one part for the younger brother and the other part staying in the donor.

As Dr. Heaton says, "The liver’s a remarkable organ. It’s made up of eight segments, so you can take pieces of the liver, and it’ll function perfectly well. The transplant costs tens of thousands of dollars, but under Britain's National Health Service (NHS), the patient doesn't pay a thing.

Heaton continues, "When patients come to us, we only evaluate them from the point of view of their need. Do they need a liver transplant? The cost never comes into it. As a surgeon, I love that because it means the focus is on the care of that I can deliver."

Dr. Clair Gerada, the chair of Britain's Royal College of General Practitioners says:

"Nobody pays a doctor’s bill with the NHS. People will go their entire life without paying a single upfront cost. Our health service is fair. It means that irrespective of what you afford, irrespective of your illness, you will be able to access health care."

Compare that to the U.S., where an estimated 137,000 people died over seven years because they were uninsured. Of course, the Brits do pay for their health care in another way - with taxes. their sales tax is a whopping 20% and income taxes are as high as 50%.

All of that money feeds a health care behemoth. The NHS is Europe's largest employer, with well over 1 million people on the payroll. So you'd think it would be inefficient.

...U.S.A. is nearly a legal genocide of 137,000 deaths in merely 7 years, for non-coverage by insurance for medical attention...! SIMPLY BRUTAL AND NUTTY AMERICANS AND their stupid peasants...! I MEAN, SADAMM HUSSEIN KILLED A BIT MORE IN HIS YEARS...!, or have the U.S.A....?

I SWEAR, AND I REPEAT I SWEAR THAT THERE ARE THINGS AND COUNTRIES, "not worth" criticizing nor even mentioning: like Iran, Sudan, N. Korea, Burma, Syria, even China or even Venezuela...!