Saturday, March 24, 2012

...2 if not more "crapy logic" failed models of ford and dodge...!


never payed for, before courts of "crap technology"...!
but do not worry, we will soon get back and hard at them, with the "crap logic" of their electric cars...!
the price of replacing the "lithium batteries" is a few thousand, if not more than 5 thousand...!
you may as well adapt or design generic generators to them..., and use a few normal acid led "new design" batteries!

underpowered and crappy automatic gear box...!

they do not know what harmonic balancing is, as the vibrations from the automatic gear box, are meant to be...!

Now if you believe in the new electric car technology, in which others have to live off your car, well heck we all want to live only off our own car...!
The crappy logic, of the ancient slavery World, that believes in a heaven after life if anything...! Instead of "heaven is here"...!
The rich need you pieces of peasants and poor consumers of the rich crap logic cars and other things...!
The rich do not think anybody else should be rich...! When we all are...!