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...An example of how book 2 will explain a bit more the Book of Pure Logic...!


...not one of noah's ark but as many needed for all the "people"...!
Book of Pure Logic - george f. thomson . cannot allege god knew they were sinners or unbelievers. [please see Westminster Confession - Chp.10 - Of Effectual Calling] = only the privileged or lucky get saved...! :

Westminster Confession
Chapter 10:
Of Effectual Calling
10:1 All those whom God hath predestinated unto life, and those only, He is pleased in His appointed and accepted time effectually to call (Rom 8:30; Rom 11:7; Eph 1:10, Eph 1:11), by His Word and Spirit (2Co 3:3, 2Co 3:6; 2Th 2:13, 2Th 2:14), out of that state of sin and death, in which they are by nature, to grace and salvation by Jesus Christ (Rom 8:2; Eph 2:1-5; 2Ti 1:9, 2Ti 1:10); enlightening their minds spiritually and savingly to understand the things of God (Act 26:18; 1Co 2:10, 1Co 2:12; Eph 1:17, Eph 1:18); taking away their heart of stone, and giving unto them a heart of flesh (Eze 36:26); renewing their wills, and by His almighty power determining them to that which is good (Deu 30:6; Eze 11:19; Eze 36:27; Phi 2:13), and effectually drawing them to Jesus Christ (Joh 6:44, Joh 6:45; Eph 1:19): yet so, as they come most freely, being made willing by His grace (Psa 110:3; Son 1:4; Joh 6:37; Rom 6:16-18).
10:2 This effectual call is of God’s free and special grace alone, not from anything at all foreseen in man (Rom 9:11; Eph 2:4, Eph 2:5, Eph 2:8, Eph 2:9; 2Ti 1:9; Tit 3:4, Tit 3:5), who is altogether passive therein, until being quickened and renewed by the Holy Spirit (Rom 8:7; 1Co 2:14; Eph 2:5), he is thereby enabled to answer this call, and to embrace the grace offered and conveyed in it (Eze 36:27; Joh 5:25; Joh 6:37).
10:3 Elect infants, dying in infancy, are regenerated, and saved by Christ through the Spirit (Luk 18:15, Luk 18:16, and Act 2:38, Act 2:39, and Joh 3:3, Joh 3:5, and 1Jo 5:12, and Rom 8:9 compared), who worketh when, and where, and how He pleaseth (Joh 3:8): so also, are all other elect persons who are uncapable of being outwardly called by the ministry of the Word (Act 4:12; 1Jo 5:12).
10:4 Others, not elected, although they may be called by the ministry of the Word (Mat 22:14), and may have some common operations of the Spirit (Mat 7:22; Mat 13:20, Mat 13:21; Heb 6:4, Heb 6:5), yet they never truly come unto Christ, and therefore cannot be saved (Joh 6:64-66; Joh 8:24): much less can men, not professing the Christian religion, be saved in any other way whatsoever, be they never so diligent to frame their lives according to the light of nature, and the law of that religion they do profess (Joh 4:22; Joh 14:6; Joh 17:3; Act 4:12; Eph 2:12); and to assert and maintain that they may, is very pernicious, and to be detested(1Co 16:22; Gal 1:6-8; 2Jo 1:9-11).

...when you provide only one ark, you are affirming god killed all the rest of everything, even fish, insects, etc...!
[when we say this God killed, it is affirming to the contrary of what is believed, this God did not effectively provide a last minute repentance. It had to be a timely one, which is also "absurd"...!
Even if we could accept most humans had perverted themselves to the uttermost evil in those days...!

...not if they had repented, this god would have made more arks !
...simply you negate many would have jumped on an empty ark when reality showed itself. is not a good enough logic ! the logic of your bible god is inferior !


...yes there are great earth movements and sea shells on high mountains...!

...a round earth was only known about in the time of the discovery of the west indies and america, and all believed in a flat earth...!

...regardless of all miracles this bible god can do, the ark would be very hard to build as such of wood and tar, even today...!, and hard for only 8 people to manage all the maintenance, "dung", and meat for the 'carnivores', etc...! no, no, no, they were all made 'vegetarians" for 1 year ! though i do not know from where they would get all the 'food'...!

ANYWAY THE BOOK OF PURE LOGIC, simply has way better reasons why Noah's Ark is a hoax story, even though I think the logic of not 1 Ark but a few more is good enough...! [animals seem to be more important for (sacrifices) than for food or even other humans...!]


...the burning "bush" of Moses in Exodus...!

Moses and the burning "bush" and the similarity with the Fantastic 4 Hero of Fire.

EXODUS - Geneva1599 Bible
Chapter 3
1 When Moses kept the sheepe of Iethro his father in lawe, Priest of Midian, and droue the flocke to the backe side of the desert, and came to the Mountaine of God, Horeb, 2 Then the Angel of the Lord appeared vnto him in a flame of fire, out of the middes of a bush: and he looked, and behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed. 3 Therefore Moses saide, I will turne aside nowe, and see this great sight, why the bush burneth not. 4 And when the Lord sawe that he turned aside to see, God called vnto him out of the middes of the bush, and said, Moses, Moses. And he answered, I am here. 5 Then he saide, Come not hither, put thy shooes off thy feete: for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground. 6 Moreouer he saide, I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Izhak, and the God of Iaakob. Then Moses hid his face: for he was afraid to looke vpon God.

Exodus 3 - Tyndale Bible
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40

1 Moses kepte the shepe of Iethro his father in law preast of Madian, and he droue the flocke to the backesyde of the deserte, ad came to the moutayne of God, Horeb. 2 And the angell of the Lorde apeared vnto hi in a flame of fyre out of a bush. And he perceaued that the bush burned with fyre and consumed not.
3 Than Moses sayde: I will goo hece and see this grete syghte, howe it cometh that the bushe burneth not.
4 And whe the Lorde sawe that he came for to see, he called vnto him out of the bush and sayde: Moses Moses And he answered: here am I. 5 And he sayde: come not hither, but put thy shooes off thi fete: for the place whereon thou stondest is holy grounde. Josh 5:15; 6 And he sayde: I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Iacob And Moses hyd his face, for he was afrayde to loke vpon God.

...first of all no copyright nor derivative has been claimed from the Bible, but they do lack a bit of originality or 100% creativity...!

...THE BOOK OF PURE LOGIC, is a common sense original creativity analysis, and establishment of better logic and/or new logic ! Mentioning any previous logic or data and information !

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...i also bet that al-Assad is a "jerk"...!

Kofi Annan's plan is destined to fail
Editor’s Note: David Schenker is the Aufzien fellow and director of the Program on Arab Politics at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

While al-Assad may indeed engage in dialogue with opposition figures, he will not consent to real democratic elections that will lead to majoritarian [i.e. Sunni Muslim] rule in Syria. He may likewise agree to vest parliament with more authority and provide the historically powerless legislature with the appearance of relevance. But this is al-Assad’s vision of reform - it does not reflect the aspirations of the Syrian people who, for the past year have put their lives on the line to end the corrupt, tyrannical, and increasingly brutal regime.

What al-Assad will offer during the “political process” will be acceptable to neither the political nor the military opposition. In fact, it’s difficult to see anything short of al-al-Assad’s departure from power being accepted.

So Kofi Annan’s initiative to end the crisis in Syria is destined for failure. To be sure, al-Assad will blame the plan’s failure on the opposition “terrorists” and continue with the atrocities. Meanwhile, the opposition will regroup, and the Free Syria Army, armed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, will continue the fight to protect demonstrators and end the regime.

At the end of the day, however, the biggest cost of this ill-advised effort may be time. The longer the conflict drags on, the more Islamist the opposition is becoming. Regrettably, counterproductive U.N. efforts like the Annan plan will do little to reverse this trend.

The views expressed in this article are solely those of David Schenker.


...i also am betting for the better or the worse, that Kofi Annan's plan is destined to fail...! see once you get the EU confiscation of funds, too many civilians dead, and the telivised visit of this "jerk" al-Assad and how he performed, the end result is surely to be a bad one...!
...gadafi's finally gets 1,100 million pounds or euros confiscated...! also a bigger "jerk"...! power has blinded them...! normally with a few million you retire...!


...i told you all: "american citizens are dodo birds...!"

Supreme court weighs all-or-nothing on healthcare law
ReutersBy James Vicini and Joan Biskupic | Reuters – 2 hrs 58 mins ago


A Supreme Court decision striking down the law would be seen as a huge political and legal defeat for Obama ahead of the November 6 election, when he seeks another four-year term.

A ruling upholding the law would be a major vindication for Obama, but could make healthcare an even bigger issue in the presidential and congressional elections. Republican presidential candidates all oppose the law and could fight even harder to repeal if the court leaves in place the entire statute.

The stakes could not be higher, financially, legally and politically.

The law, which constitutes the U.S. healthcare system's biggest overhaul in nearly 50 years, seeks to provide health insurance to more than 30 million previously uninsured Americans and to slow down soaring medical costs.

The law has wide ramifications for company costs and for the health sector, affecting insurers, drugmakers, device companies and hospitals.

The healthcare investment bank Leerink Swann said in a research note that Wednesday's session was more important for managed care stocks and whether the individual mandate can be separated from the rest of the law.

For hospital stocks, it said the loss of expanded coverage, through the Medicaid program or through the individual mandate, would be a negative development.

Annual U.S. healthcare spending totals $2.6 trillion, about 18 percent of the annual gross domestic product. That translates to $8,402 per person every year.

...if anybody knows what "technical capitalist GENOCIDE" IS...!
...YOU CANNOT GET ANYTHING BIGGER IN A MODERN WORLD COUNTRY, than 30million un-insured humans to more than basic health care and medications...! is bogus an a hoax that the government cannot pay for this...!


ANY CLOSING DOWN OF SERVICES PAID BY ANY GOVERNMENT IS BOGUS, and merely means we are making more "poor" un-employed people. Even Canada has done that recently !

Socialism of advanced Europe an England is pure logic...!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

CO2 clock since the 1700's


World CO2
since 1750 (cubic feet)

...CO2 since the Industrial Age start and Ocean acidification...! For the deniers of global warming...!

TO THE DENIERS OF CO2 EMISSIONS , which is somewhat different from Global Warming...!

CO2: Global Carbon Dioxide Levels
Linked to Human Activity

What do we know for sure? We know for a fact that CO2 levels are rising and that human activity is the cause.

How do we know this? A simple calculation. Let's start with the year 1750, generally accepted as the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, when the standard measure for CO2 levels was 278ppmv. We'll begin then, add the known level of human-generated CO2 for that year, then subtract 2.84% of the excess CO2 – because that's how fast nature tries to restore the balance. If we do this for 255 years, up to 2005, we get the pink line in the graph below. It fits the black line – the actual CO2 level – like a glove.


Ocean acidification is the name given to the ongoing decrease in the pH and increase in acidity of the Earth's oceans, caused by the uptake of anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.[1] About a quarter of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere goes into the oceans, where it forms carbonic acid.

As the amount of carbon has risen in the atmosphere there has been a corresponding rise of carbon going into the ocean. Between 1751 and 1994 surface ocean pH is estimated to have decreased from approximately 8.25 to 8.14,[2] representing an increase of almost 30% in "acidity" (H+ ion concentration) in the world's oceans.[3][4][5]

This ongoing acidification of the oceans poses a threat to the food chains connected with the oceans.[6]

...FOLKS: anything you burn, even with green source fuels, for jets, after the death of World crude oil, will finally bury the World...!
...What Scientists do not know, is if there is a point of no return...! Or rather when will this point of no return occur...!
...Meanwhile, the false logic economies of the World, dominate, and they are not the most intelligent either...!


World CO2
since 1750 (cubic feet)


Monday, March 26, 2012 easy timeline of Chavez...?!

an easy timeline of Chavez, some analysts find hard to explain completely...!

[1] ...from the manger and tin can hut, to the "throne"(john, toilet, can, dump,...) ...! and as Joseph of the bible first to jail...!

...del pesebre y rancho de lata al "trono"(poseta, hueco, ...)...! y como José de la biblia, primero a la cárcel...!

...on the "throne" some poor were done with, as also many of his friends and so called friends, by others and even by himself, and just about anything normally you can think of...!

...en el "trono" algunos pobres fueron terminados, así como muchos de sus amigos y otros llamados amigos, por otros y aún por él mismo, y casi cualquier cosa normal en que ud. pueda pensar...!

[2] ...from the throne to the "cross"...! el "trono" a la "cruz"...!

[3] ...what is lacking: from the "cross" to the grave...! but before that he has to visit with the "pharisee" pope in cuba, for his souls absolution, as a good "catholic"( cath-o-lick , cath-o-lick his wounds)...!

...lo que falta es: de la "cruz" a la "tumba"(sepulcro, tumba de "arboles", tala) ! pero antes que ésto, primero tiene que tener una visita con "el fariseo" papa en cuba, para la absolusión de su alma, como buen católico (cat-o-lico-rico)...!

[4] ...what is worse lacking is his catholic resurrection/ascension , or whatever to continue governing for 1,000 years ! EEEEEEEEEEk...!

...lo que falta peor (peorro...!), es su resurrección/ascensión, o lo que sea para continuar gobernando por 1.000 años ! Coooooñioooooooo....!

Eeeeeeeek...! the "poor" that have benefited will worship his "sanctuary" for ever...!

Cooooñioooooooo...! los "pobres" que se han beneficiado adorarán su "santuario" para siempre...! see...!: jesus multiplied the bread and fish and fed a "multitude"...! the "bastard[somebody believed to be jesus]" if true, must have been a "masked" rich man...!

...but as mesiases come and go, and generally they go as easy, after a while, depending on what control and governance is there, is changed for, or continues...!

...this does not apply to the good well being english countries have received from good governments...!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

...a most likely top notch competing book i have not read, you all should read...!

A NECESSARY BOOK TO READ for all the intelligent humans out there...!
I have not read it yet, but it could the best or one of the best competing books against my Book of Pure Logic...!

...especially auto-genesis, telos ex machina, and ex nihilo nihil fit, etc...!

...A Saving personality for Canada...!

...a saving personality for canada-banada-banana-canana...!
...but folks everything is ok...!

...a leaf on a flag, by mere coincidence or ancient ignora(n)ce...!

CANADIAN HERITAGE...! eve and adam's leaf's flag...!

...and the leaf of a tree that makes more oxygen than CO2[i do not know]...!, actually fixating a lot to the ground and for it's own use...! ancient minded as those of old that had to clean their asses with leaf's...! a country gone inquisitionist = they do not know what a "prefecture is...!"...!

...not only that they can make you under the "mental health act" obliged take any torturing psychotropic medication...!, or inject you if you refuse, and tight shirt you if you further refuse...!

...of course they do not know, that they cannot oblige you forcefully to nothing...! not even more than 48hrs-72hrs detention...! with out a lawyer and a judge...! or a prefect that they do not know what they are...!

2,000 years gone down the drain...!, of acquired rights because they have made the system too costly for normal court non-criminal hearings and solutions...!

their constitution and latest human rights cartmagna done, kabuts, ilch...! my wife says: sucker, these are the rules of canada...! ignorant idiot...!

but this is merely the tip of the ice-berg of their believed to be better and more modern logic...!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

...2 if not more "crapy logic" failed models of ford and dodge...!


never payed for, before courts of "crap technology"...!
but do not worry, we will soon get back and hard at them, with the "crap logic" of their electric cars...!
the price of replacing the "lithium batteries" is a few thousand, if not more than 5 thousand...!
you may as well adapt or design generic generators to them..., and use a few normal acid led "new design" batteries!

underpowered and crappy automatic gear box...!

they do not know what harmonic balancing is, as the vibrations from the automatic gear box, are meant to be...!

Now if you believe in the new electric car technology, in which others have to live off your car, well heck we all want to live only off our own car...!
The crappy logic, of the ancient slavery World, that believes in a heaven after life if anything...! Instead of "heaven is here"...!
The rich need you pieces of peasants and poor consumers of the rich crap logic cars and other things...!
The rich do not think anybody else should be rich...! When we all are...!



As a British citizen, the 36-year-old former investment banker will, however, be free to travel to Britain, though William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, said that was unlikely given current circumstances in her adopted country.

"British passport holders do obviously have a right of entry to the United Kingdom," said Mr Hague. Mr Assad's mother, sister and sister-in-law, eight ministers and two oil companies were added to an existing EU blacklist that now totals 126 individuals and 41 firms or utilities.

"The behavior of the Assad family continues to be murdering and totally unacceptable in the eyes of the world," said Mr Hague.

However, The Daily Telegraph has learned that the Home Office is in the early stages of examining the possibility of revoking Mrs Assad's British citizenship, which was gained by birth. She only left Britain in 2000 to marry Mr Assad as he took over from his late father.


marwan bishara

Marwan Bishara is Al Jazeera English's senior political analyst and the editor & host of Empire.

Here and There ·


...SYRIA, you were bombed already by Israel and nobody did anything...!
...Mr. Asad's wife, is being "lured" to leave to the UK...! But who knows the consequences...!
...Egypt finished their Dictator...!
...Libya went down worse...!
...N. Korea has lasted because of its huge army and that essentially they did not loose the last N. Korea War...!
...Iran, you will loose also if you continue with the logic you are using...!

Dictators that are "loosers", you go all down by the same procedures and steps...!
So Siria Asad's, the World is already closing in on you, and how will you stop the "coalition"...?
Iran, be assured, the Jews are on a winning spree, and will not loose easily...! Rather they will not loose at all, unless the "coalition" gives up on them...!


Friday, March 23, 2012

...leading "shit" hybrids and electric fords 2012...!

 self generation other than with the "braking friction system"...!

Please abstain for showing everybody your ignorance in driving such "shit"...!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

...the woga-woga police "boys" club...!

In dedication to the bee gees !

woga woga police boys club...!

...quite enlightening song of the bee gees...!

...the monster IRAN or the hoax scare crow...!

IRAN - and all that is or could be involved by a Jew hit on them...!

If Israel bombs Iran: Forecasting the next 24 hours
By D.B. Grady | The Week – Mon, Mar 19, 2012

Absent total war, the day after an Israeli attack on Iran would see a flurry of conventional spycraft, cyber snooping, and frantic diplomacy

No sane person would wish for a unilateral Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities — but nor would a sane person wish for a nuclear Iran. Because of the number of potential targets in Iran, and the distance between them, a successful bombing operation would be transcendently difficult, if not impossible. But if intelligence suggested an impending, existential threat to Israel, it's easy to imagine F-15I fighter jets planting GBU-28 bunker-busters in Iranian nuclear sites from the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf. And if that happens, the real question becomes, what next?

...WHAT NEXT...? what next...? The aftermath after an Israel war attack on Iran...!

...No other attack by Israel or the United Nations or North Atlantic coalition has had much of an aftermath...! Nor did the North Korean War...!
...Nor Irak, nor Afghanistan, nor Libya...!
...HOW MUCH OF IRAN DO YOU HAVE TO DESTROY, AND HAVE THE HELP OF THE COALITION OF THE GOOD, so that no aftermath occurs of damage to Israel or anywhere else...!
...this article of yahoo, is quite enlightening, and all that is being built...!

...if israel does not have sufficient missile defenses like the "Arrows I,II, etc", why risk a solo attack on IRAN...?
...i think this time, Israel and the World are not going to have it as easy with IRAN. I think an invasion of Iran is more complicated than the one to Irak...! but again iran could be a big hoax...! added disadvantage of Iran, is that they are starving, and are buying U.S.A. wheat ! Insane if they think they are going to War...!

THE GENERAL ADVANTAGE for us of the most good countries, is that these "rouge" countries are generally not very intelligent ...!

Lets see if Israel really sticks their feet right into the mud, or if Iran is not really a threat or danger...!

...on the 11th of March 2012 the World Clock struck 7billion...!

...this World Clock could be right or close enough to the estimate of 7,000,000,000 [7 billion] population...!

...what all or most Science knows is that the Planet has an occupancy limit...! DID YOU KNOW THAT...!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

...In light of Evolution...! [ or rather in the darkness obscurrantism of all ages, made science academia by governments worldwide...!]

...if you intelligent PhD humans find any logic or sense in all this book above or the other four or more books, please realize, this is the biggest academia "brain rusting and waste" made a science study as true...! Worse than ancient bible theology academia ...!


In the Light of Evolution:
Volume 1. Adaptation and Complex Design
Select a link below to start reading online free!


Front Matter i-xviii
1 Darwin's Greatest Discovery: Design Without Designer--FRANCISCO J. AYALA 3-22 (skim)
2 Functional Information and the Emergence of Biocomplexity--ROBERT M. HAZEN, PATRICK L. GRIFFIN, JAMES M. CAROTHERS, and JACK W. SZOSTAK 25-44 (skim)
3 The Theory of Facilitated Variation--JOHN GERHART and MARC KIRSCHNER 45-64 (skim)
4 Between ‘‘Design'' and ‘‘Bricolage'': Genetic Networks, Levels of Selection, and Adaptive Evolution--ADAM S. WILKINS 65-82 (skim)
5 The Frailty of Adaptive Hypotheses for the Origins of Organismal Complexity--MICHAEL LYNCH 83-104 (skim)
6 Emerging Principles of Regulatory Evolution--BENJAMIN PRUD'HOMME, NICOLAS GOMPEL, and SEAN B. CARROLL 109-128 (skim)
7 Evolution of Individuality During the Transition from Unicellular to Multicellular Life--RICHARD E. MICHOD 129-144 (skim)
8 Insect Societies as Divided Organisms: The Complexities of Purpose and Cross-Purpose--JOAN E. STRASSMANN and DAVID C. QUELLER 145-164 (skim)
9 Symbiosis as an Adaptive Process and Source of Phenotypic Complexity--NANCY A. MORAN 165-182 (skim)
10 Adaptive Evolution of Color Vision as Seen Through the Eyes of Butterflies--FRANCESCA D. FRENTIU, GARY D. BERNARD, CRISTINA I. CUEVAS, MARILOU P. SISON-MANGUS, KATHLEEN L. PRUDIC, and ADRIANA D. BRISCOE 187-204 (skim)
11 Plant Domestication, a Unique Opportunity to Identify the Genetic Basis of Adaptation--JEFFREY ROSS-IBARRA, PETER L. MORRELL, and BRANDON S. GAUT 205-224 (skim)
12 An Experimental Test of Evolutionary Trade-Offs During Temperature Adaptation--ALBERT F. BENNETT and RICHARD E. LENSKI 225-238 (skim)
13 Two Routes to Functional Adaptation: Tibetan and Andean High-Altitude Natives--CYNTHIA M. BEALL 239-256 (skim)
14 On the Origin and Evolutionary Diversification of Beetle Horns--DOUGLAS J. EMLEN, LAURA CORLEY LAVINE, and BEN EWEN-CAMPEN 257-282 (skim)
Part V: CONCLUDING ESSAY 283-284 (skim)
15 Biological Design in Science Classrooms--EUGENIE C. SCOTT and NICHOLAS J. MATZKE 285-304 (skim)
References 305-344 (skim)
Index 345-360 (skim)
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In December 2006, the National Academy of Sciences sponsored a colloquium (featured as part of the Arthur M. Sackler Colloquia series) on "Adaptation and Complex Design" to synthesize recent empirical findings and conceptual approaches toward understanding the evolutionary origins and maintenance of complex adaptations. Darwin's elucidation of natural selection as a creative natural force was a monumental achievement in the history of science, but a century and a half later some religious believers still contend that biotic complexity registers conscious supernatural design. In this book, modern scientific perspectives are presented on the evolutionary origin and maintenance of complex phenotypes including various behaviors, anatomies, and physiologies. After an introduction by the editors and an opening historical and conceptual essay by Francisco Ayala, this book includes 14 papers presented by distinguished evolutionists at the colloquium. The papers are organized into sections covering epistemological approaches to the study of biocomplexity, a hierarchy of topics on biological complexity ranging from ontogeny to symbiosis, and case studies explaining how complex phenotypes are being dissected in terms of genetics and development.

As to my Book of Pure Logic and the Evolutionists and others that claim that Evolution is not "random" ! I gave a use of this terminology of"random" as applied to Evolution !
And below what the Book of Pure Logic explains against Evolution is explained also as a use of "random"...!


pages. 20-21 - In Light of Evolution

The fossil record shows that life has evolved in a haphazard fashion. The radiations of some groups of organisms, the numerical and territorial expansions of other groups, the replacement of some kinds of organisms by other kinds, the occasional but irregular occurrence of trends toward increased size or other sorts of change, and the ever-present extinctions are best explained by natural selection of organisms subject to the vagaries of genetic mutation, environmental challenge, and past history. The scientific account of these events does not necessitate recourse to a preordained plan, whether imprinted from the beginning or through successive inter- ventions by an omniscient and almighty Designer. Biological evolution differs from a painting or an artifact in that it is not the outcome of pre- conceived design. The design of organisms is not intelligent but imperfect and, at times, outright dysfunctional. natural selection accounts for the ‘‘design’’ of organisms because adaptive variations tend to increase the probability of survival and repro- duction of their carriers at the expense of maladaptive, or less adaptive, variations. The arguments of intelligent design proponents that state the incredible improbability of chance events, such as mutation, to account for the adaptations of organisms are irrelevant because evolution is not governed by random mutations. rather, there is a natural process (namely, natural selection) that is not random but oriented and able to generate order or ‘‘create.’’ The traits that organisms acquire in their evolutionary histories are not fortuitous but rather determined by their functional util- ity to the organisms, designed, as it were, to serve their life needs. Chance is, nevertheless, an integral part of the evolutionary process. The mutations that yield the hereditary variations available to natural selection arise at random. Mutations are random or chance events because (i) they are rare exceptions to the fidelity of the process of DnA replica- tion and because (ii) there is no way of knowing which gene will mutate in a particular cell or in a particular individual. however, the meaning ...

...of ‘‘random’’ that is most significant for understanding the evolutionary process is (iii) that mutations are unoriented with respect to adaptation; they occur independently of whether or not they are beneficial or harmful to the organisms. some are beneficial, most are not, and only the beneficial ones become incorporated in the organisms through natural selection. The adaptive randomness of the mutation process (as well as the vagaries of other processes that come to play in the great theater of life) is counteracted by natural selection, which preserves what is useful and eliminates what is harmful. Without hereditary mutations, evolution could not happen because there would be no variations that could be differ- entially conveyed from one to another generation. But without natural selection, the mutation process would yield disorganization and extinc- tion because most mutations are disadvantageous. Mutation and selection have jointly driven the marvelous process that, starting from microscopic organisms, has yielded orchids, birds, and humans. The theory of evolution conveys chance and necessity jointly enmeshed in the stuff of life; randomness and determinism interlocked in a natural process that has spurted the most complex, diverse, and beautiful enti- ties that we know of in the universe: the organisms that populate the earth, including humans who think and love, endowed with free will and creative powers, and able to analyze the process of evolution itself that brought them into existence. This is Darwin’s fundamental discovery, that there is a process that is creative although not conscious. And this is the conceptual revolution that Darwin completed: the idea that the design of living organisms can be accounted for as the result of natural processes governed by natural laws. This is nothing if not a fundamental vision that has forever changed how mankind perceives itself and its place in the universe.

Namely "random is in Evolution as: not guided, unoriented, and chance. And determinism as self design !

And again if Science Evolution could isolate itself from logic and Philosophy, the basis for all thought and analysis, they still pulled off the biggest story made true in Academia...!

One the biggest mysteries to be addressed in my Book 2 of Pure Logic, is the abyss between mater and the human mind, not defined or explained sufficiently to this day...! And much much more !

...if you intelligent PhD humans find any logic or sense in all this book above or the other four or more books, please realize, this is the biggest academia "brain rusting and waste" made a science study as true...! Worse than ancient bible theology academia ...!

...amazing but true...! english and other countries give 100% free for any medical to their peasants...!

Diamond Jubilee: Queen rededicates herself to UK

The Queen has said she is rededicating herself to the service of the UK and its people as she celebrates her Diamond Jubilee.

In a speech to both Houses of Parliament, she said the commemoration of her 60 years on the throne was a chance "to come together in a spirit of neighbourliness and celebration".

The Queen also praised Prince Philip for his "constant strength".

...inspite of the monarchy's constant peasant population and logic of no property housing for them, these peasants enjoy any medical attention...!
...some congrats to her majesty and the uk monarchy...!


Zakaria: Private health insurance is not efficient
By Fareed Zakaria, CNN

At King's College Hospital in London, Dr. Nigel Heaton performs a liver transplant surgery - with a live donor. A young man is giving part of his liver to his younger brother. The liver is cut in half, with one part for the younger brother and the other part staying in the donor.

As Dr. Heaton says, "The liver’s a remarkable organ. It’s made up of eight segments, so you can take pieces of the liver, and it’ll function perfectly well. The transplant costs tens of thousands of dollars, but under Britain's National Health Service (NHS), the patient doesn't pay a thing.

Heaton continues, "When patients come to us, we only evaluate them from the point of view of their need. Do they need a liver transplant? The cost never comes into it. As a surgeon, I love that because it means the focus is on the care of that I can deliver."

Dr. Clair Gerada, the chair of Britain's Royal College of General Practitioners says:

"Nobody pays a doctor’s bill with the NHS. People will go their entire life without paying a single upfront cost. Our health service is fair. It means that irrespective of what you afford, irrespective of your illness, you will be able to access health care."

Compare that to the U.S., where an estimated 137,000 people died over seven years because they were uninsured. Of course, the Brits do pay for their health care in another way - with taxes. their sales tax is a whopping 20% and income taxes are as high as 50%.

All of that money feeds a health care behemoth. The NHS is Europe's largest employer, with well over 1 million people on the payroll. So you'd think it would be inefficient.

...U.S.A. is nearly a legal genocide of 137,000 deaths in merely 7 years, for non-coverage by insurance for medical attention...! SIMPLY BRUTAL AND NUTTY AMERICANS AND their stupid peasants...! I MEAN, SADAMM HUSSEIN KILLED A BIT MORE IN HIS YEARS...!, or have the U.S.A....?

I SWEAR, AND I REPEAT I SWEAR THAT THERE ARE THINGS AND COUNTRIES, "not worth" criticizing nor even mentioning: like Iran, Sudan, N. Korea, Burma, Syria, even China or even Venezuela...!

. bettering of logic from the "slavist" state and country of canada...!

Proof of no improvement or progress in logic against the "slavist" state Government of Canada !

Vehicle registration fee eyed to generate cash for transit services
By Kelly Sinoski, Vancouver Sun March 19, 2012
Read more:

Metro Vancouver drivers face a potential vehicle registration fee next year as mayors look to generate $30 million for TransLink projects in the short term without raising property taxes.

The Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation has sent a letter to B.C. Transportation Minister Blair Lekstrom asking him to introduce legislation for a possible vehicle levy or a regional carbon tax, which were cited as “short-term” funding options to generate money for transit projects, such as the Evergreen Line and rapid bus projects south of the Fraser.

The mayors argue there is “relative urgency” in introducing the new legislation this spring in order to avoid a property tax increase in 2013 that would levy an average $27 on Metro homeowners. The mayors have already approved a two-cents-a-litre boost in the gas tax, which is expected to raise $40 million annually for the transit projects.

...the "slavist" state and country [nearly rouge - their constitution and human rights latest act is violated constantly-police state-and illegal too long time detention, with psychopharmaceutical torture, etc !], denies pure logic complete property to their citizens ! what you can loose for lack of property tax payments, IS NOT YOURS...! It is partial property for a basic primary home ! The property "Lords" and slavists, are exactly that: they live off the "poor-peasants"...!

...THE NEED FOR GOVERNMENT TAXES TO COMMUTE "FREELY" ANYWHERE, or use a bridge, AND GAS TAXES of what is "subsidized" by them , does not add up or make sense in maths...! IS IS A HOAX of claiming they "need money", when they make it and print it...!

Monday, March 19, 2012

...effects i like: cloth + cubism + oilify : My Ultimate Pure Logic Art

...effects i like: cloth + cubism + oilify : My Ultimate Pure Logic Art

THE CHIMERA PLANT - The Seedless and Fruitless Plant/Tree