Wednesday, December 21, 2011

...My pure logic art style 1...! wed21dec2011

...My pure logic art style 1...! wed21dec2011


[1] Reverse perspective.
[2] Reverse or mixed depth of distance and
[3] Strange geometry and buildings.
[4] Some impossible things.
[5] A lot of analysis and meaning.
[6] Not a kids drawing.
[7] Humans generally embedded into someway
or other. As other beings.
[8] Most edges of figures, done with a back line.
[9] No intention in perfection, but I can be
slowly perfect.

For this one, we need to wait for the colors

Meanwhile, please use a bit of your own

SOME coloring, though not exactly the original
acrylic colors.

[A] From .jpeg photo from camera plus some
small editing.

[B] From scanner to .png , plus some editing.\


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